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six months later better than ever
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    I have been a user of an MGX for about six months now. The last two nights I have had some of the best sessions ever. I used an extra large amount of lube, and when I felt the urge to, I moaned, or grunted. I really felt this expression helped me to go to a whole new level. I can't really say how many orgasms I had in an hour, it seemed hard to separate one from the next, and when they did subside, I was so exhausted, there was no way I could have the mental wherewithal to count. One technique I have used a lot is to push out with, almost as if I were trying to expel the MGX. I did this for a long time, and although in both sessions, there were two times when the Aneros came out, (and shot halfway across the room) this pushing, along with the groaning led to new areas I had never been to before. I was able to do the "sling shot" technique described somewhere in this forum by B. Mayfield. Also, these were both sessions where position almost didn't seem to matter. My favorite position, kneeling, with head and shoulders supported, worked great, so did on my back with my legs up in the air, and lower back supported by pillow, and so did lying on my side with the upper leg's knee drawn up. One thing, the Aneros was moving so much, at times, the perineum tab would move to the side. This didn't seem so bad, but if I straightened it out, it was that much more cosmic. These were some of the best times this MGX has given me.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Somebody finally tried the Slingshot, good for you! I had a blast with that one. It was very much a product of the kind of state that you reported on...where you were coming in just about every position. It was something I did to ratchet up the intensity a bit. Of course, your abs must be in fairly good shape to make it work. (I should be doing more crunches anyway).
    By the way the original post on the Slingshot appeared in my Keys..Revisited some time ago.

    Just as a heads up, recently I have been working with the Aneros webmaster to update both of the Keys threads. In coming weeks both of these threads will be retired to the archive section and in their place will be a Keys to the Backdoor to Ecstasy...Sweetened and Condensed thread. My idea behind this was to take the more informational elements of both threads and put them together in one location. Most of the content is still there, although I've changed a word or two (or a sentence or two in some instances) to offer greater clarity.

    In addition, there will be another new thread which features the best of my BEE LINE posts. It occurred to me some time ago that there are many members that never search farther than the forum page on this site. Consequently. this material has been bypassed by them. Given the fact that the subject matter of these threads concern some of the most frequently asked questions in this forum, it only made sense to bring this stuff up front and center.

    Anyway, be on the lookout for it...

    BF Mayfield
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Slingshot, eh? I will have to look for that one. Hopefully it will be easy to find. I am in to trying new things.

    Hula, great to hear that you are having such good success. It is always encouraging to hear success stories. Keep them coming everybody.

  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    Thanks Hula and BM
    I will certainly give "Slingshot" a try. I'm really into trying things new!
    (If you haven't guessed from other my other threads)
    Just depressed that we didn't have all of this going on a bit earlier on in my life!