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Gay / Straight Body Response
  • I wonder if gay men who enjoy anal sex are at a DISADVANTAGE when starting out with Aneros play, and that it might take us longer to reach that Super O with Aneros. I think this could be true. Any thoughts?
  • No, being gay should not hold you back using the Aneros. I'm a gay man and have been using the device with amazing results from the get-go. I was really into toys of all sorts beforehand, and I seriously doubted the Aneros would amount to much - I was so wrong!

    I think gay men who participated in anal sex (or indeed, of course, straight men who engaged in anal sex) before using the Aneros would have an advantage as they wouldn't have to get used to the different sensations. Having something up their butt would be quite natural.

    For me, the biggest difference was experiencing intense pleasure via the prostate, because normally anal play involved someone or something moving in and out of me, and while the prostate was part of the whole experience, prostate concentration was rarely the goal.

    The main advice I'd give is to forget all your previous experiences of sex, orgasm, what "should" be happening and when, outcomes, etc. Just let the Aneros and your body take you to places that have always been there - you just never let yourself go there.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    As Rory has stated, it would seem that some gay men who enjoy anal (the submissive role) would have an advantage, presumably owing to their acquaintance with penetration. That is, they wouldn't have any problem accommodating the Aneros. That said, gay or straight, men are inured to the old familiar ways of generating an orgasm (through penile stimulation and ejaculation).

    Of the several gay men that I've known who have been candid enough to discuss their experiences in this area, none have shared anything that was similar to the Super O. Their descriptions ranged from the relative passivity of enjoying being "filled" and giving pleasure to their partners to an event culminating in a climax brought about by penile manipulation in tandem with penetration.

    As Rory said, (and I'm paraphrasing), the concentration was not on the prostate. Given the size and shape of the average penis, and the proximity of the prostate upon insertion into the anus/rectum, it's easy to see why. The truth is that the prostate is given only minimal, tangential contact by these means. Naturally, there are exceptions to this, recently as a matter of fact, there was a post from brut2333 who discussed Super O type orgasms that were brought about by intercourse with his boyfriend. Of course it's significant that his boyfriend has a penis that is curved towards his tummy making greater prostate stimulation possible.

    The point is, gay or straight the journey is there for us all. Granted some gay men may be a step or two ahead, and some may be in the same place with us straights, but generally I think there is some learning and re-programming that we must all go through to be successful in this realm. I can't see how being gay puts one at a disadvantage with respect to the Aneros though...perhaps you would care to elaborate?

    Russ...stay with it,'s worth it!

    BF Mayfield

  • Great replies guys! Thanks. My thinking was that gay men might have to do more serious "reprogramming" of focus because of familiarity with anal pleasures. Good counterpoints, both of you.