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Massage vs. Super O
  • happyhappy
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    I purchased two aneros with the hope of using prostate massage to maintain prostate health. I'm in my 60's and as men age they have less sex and their prostates grow. I had hoped that the aneros would massage my prostate to replace sex so that I could avoid masterbation as a way to keep healthy. Most of the forum is devoted to the Super O and most of the techniques involve relaxation and no focus on massage or milking the prostate.

    If the Aneros is designed as a prostate massager, then how does it massage the prostate if you only relax after insertion. This makes no sense to me compared to manual massage that clearly massages the prostate and milks it.

    I have decreased my use of the Aneros because about half the time it's use has resulted in prostatitis coming on within two days after its use. I am at a loss to explain this, since I have followed the advice on the forum about relaxing and only using the anal contractions. I find that I can produce a couple of full drops of fluid after a session, but the sessions take nearly an hour. I also find that the session leaves my intestine slightly cramped and it takes about a day for it to work back to normal.

    I am left with the question, is the Aneros truly a prostate massager? I welcome others responses to my experiences.
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    Firstly, why would you want to replace sex to promote a healthy prostate?? I am no medical expert but surely sex is a wonderful healthy way to treat the whole body.

    secondly, the aneros experience is one of using the prostate, anus, rectum and mental attitude to promote a healthy experience of a different sexual nature and at the same time exercizing the prostate which usually promotes a better healthy state.

    I do not expect the aneros to "cure" any prosrate problems and if any user does, then they have the wrong idea. Suggest you read more of bee line etc
    and reduce your "medical" expectations. Good luck and be patient.
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    Is Happy one of these playing against type kinda things, like when they call the bald headed guy Curly. If so are you actually really upset..not sure how to interpret this post?

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    (this post was edited 2005-10-05 19:48:38)


    The focus of this site is indeed the sexual application of this device. For more therapeutic discussions I would refer you to

    In general terms I can tell you that the Aneros provides a gentle and safe form of prostate massage if used as directed. It was not designed however, to be used for the far more vigorous endeavor of prostate milking. (Although a few have used it for this purpose)

    With regard to developing prostatitis after Aneros sessions, there are several possible factors that might account for this. First, without question, there are some individuals who are VERY suseptible to enteric bacterial infection of their urinary tracts. I know,.. I'm one of them! If one is not careful, it's a fairly simple matter to cross-contaminate yourself by handling the Aneros and subsequent penile manipulation. Even so, most people don't develop infection by these means,... but know that the potential is there if one fails to observe certain protocols.

    Secondly, if you've had a long history of prostatitis, it's very likely that by this time you have developed an accumulation of calcium deposits in your prostate. Such deposits are aritifacts of past inflammation. Unfortunately, their presence can serve as a source of inflammation in the future, particularly when pressure is applied to the prostate. (These tiny stones cause irritation of the soft tissue). In so far as I know there is no proven means of removing these deposits, without radical surgery. Does this mean that a person with a history of prostatitis can never enjoy (and be benefited by) prostate massage? Not necessarily, but it would seem logical that such a person should likely restrict themselves to more gentle prostate massage and less strenuous sessions.

    In so far as the intestinal cramping that you reported, this may be a reaction to the lube that you're using. If this has persisted for some time,(many weeks) I'd consider a change, i.e. if glycerine based to a silicone or oil based lube. Strenuous anal contractions can also cause discomfort in the bowel as well. If you are using them, try scaling back to gentler contractions and perhaps shorter sessions. Given time, you may find you're able to work yourself up to longer and more intensive sessions.

    BF Mayfield