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Which One to Buy?
  • laurenlauren
    Posts: 2
    Greetings and good vibes to everyone. I'm new to Aneros (just registered today) and, naturally, I'm full of questions. I've been skimming through the forum postings but maybe this is a quicker way to get the answers I need.

    My main question is how do I know which Aneros model to purchase for my very first experience? Here's some background:

    I'm in my mid-60's, 6' tall, 215#, and have had E.D. for some time (take Viagra with only moderate success). I find that sexual relations with my wife are not nearly as satisfying for either of us as when we were younger since it's hard for me to maintain an erection whilst I try to bring her to orgasm. Even oral sex sometimes fails to bring us off. We've talked about outside aids but she's reluctant to use a vibrator (won't/can't explain why) so I guess it's up to me to try something. Which is why I'm here looking for info.

    I've looked at the 5 models which are offered but I'm at a loss to know which one would be best to start off with. I'd buy all of them if I could afford it but right now I have to watch the $$.

    I'm no stranger to anal penetration (I'm actually using a butt plug right now) but my intestinal tract often tries to expel whatever I've inserted unless I keep contracting my anus. Would that be the same for the Aneros?

    I hope that this gives you some info to help me make my selection. I'll appreciate any help and suggestions that anyone can offer.

  • Hi lauren,
    Well I was thinking the same thing about all the models and after checking the forum I decided on the helix.It is the simplest to learn and is in my opinion the best one!!The day I got it I had my first session you can read the results of that session labeled "my first super o with the helix" in the forum.This model is FANTASTIC!!! i DONT THINK YOU WILL BE DISSAPOINTED.
    also read about lubrication and usage techniqes. This model give you a more aggresive prostate massage and if you have other questions please direct them to B MAYFIELD in the forum, He's the expert that we all have turned to for advice about the aneros and is a wealth of knowledge.

    good luck and have fun with a whole new world you are about to experiance!!!!

  • Edit
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    Hi Lauen,

    Let me give you my 2 cents. My situation is very similar to your own. I’m 57 and also have EDS. I’m 6’ 2” and about 285 lb’s. I’m diabetic and have high blood pressure. I’m presently taking medication for both conditions. My wife also sounds a bit like yours.
    First let me advise you on what to buy. If you can afford it the, “Helix Holiday package”, is the best value for your money. It has everything you need to start. Also, don’t forget the lubricant applicator. If that is so much money the Helix alone would be my suggestion with the applicator. This is all you will need to start perfecting your technique, except maybe some generic “KY” jelly.
    This device or massagers, when use correctly, will allow you to have some very enjoyable sensations and maybe the Holy Grail the, “Super O”.
    I have had some good results with this arrangement. But, so far I’m talking about a solo experience. I talked to my wife and showed her the Aneros to her. She isn’t very susceptible to new ideas and isn’t very comfortable with pleasure from anal activity or for that matter oral stimulation. I have tried and have had pretty good results with Viagra and the Aneros stimulating for myself and wife in a joint union, but that look she gives me just is not worth the effort. The excitement seems to be all one sided on my part. Do not look to this device to help your marriage or any problems during intercourse. Use it as a tool for your own pleasure. It will give you sensations never experienced before. Set aside some time each week for your enjoyment and have a good time. Who knows, maybe your spouse will get curious and want to join you in your pleasures.