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B mayfield a question for you...
  • During my super O there was no precum, last night I had another session and the precum was flowing pretty good,not a super O but some awsome orgasms(counted 4) with the precum flowing, is the prostate getting in better condition?? and I have noticed a SLIGHT increase in the power of ejaculation,does it only get better?? youre comments will be welcome.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Precum as we commonly refer to it, is not a product of the prostate but of Cowper's gland. It's there to promote mobility of sperm and buffer the ph of the urethra to a certain extent for an imminent ejaculation. While precum is great, fun to see and even tasty for some us, it is not necessarily and indicator of the magnitude of a Super O. I've had great ones without it and lesser experiences while producing copious amounts of it. Also, know this, there are some people who produce a great deal of precum, while others produce very little. My advice is not to get too hung up on it as an indicator of anything. Generally what it tells you is that you are experiencing a high state of arousal (that is assuming that you're a guy that has a tendency to produce it).

    With respect to the Super O experience itself, it does get better with time and with experience. For instance, over time you may come to have multiple orgasms with one orgasm piggy backing on another ..SO INTENSE! You will notice that some orgasms have greater intensity than others or that you may have salvos of orgasms in one session or another...but it's all good stuff. With regard to the quality of an ejaculation, there's no question that it is benefited by the Aneros training. More intense, more voluminous, particularly when it is seen as a capper to a Super O session. There is no question about it that these ejaculations used as a finale (while maintaining the Aneros inside) are of an unparalled intensity.

    One word of advice; go at it slowly to begin with. It's a good idea to give yourself a little breather once in a while by putting a day or so between your sessions. Your body will use that time to recharge, and you will find the accumulated arousal that comes from this, put to good purpose in your next session.

    BF Mayfield
  • thank you for youre knowledgable advice i think ill probabley have sessions about twice a week for now and go at it slow, this is a whole new world for me that is just begining and look forward to chatting with you again soon!

    thanks again,