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Helix; my experince
  • Hi,
    I confess I rely on spell checks and my grammer is not perfect, please do not hold that against me.
    I ordered and receive an Helix ~ 5 weeks ago.
    I worked with it twice a week and was not impressed with the result.
    I know now I was using muscles I did not know of and from those muscles getting responces I could not process (I was thinking too much).
    I looked thru this forum's post and became abit discouraged when I read that Mayfeild concluded that \"the classic is the best first or only\" which contradictided his next generation review.

    I bought the Helix on the advice of his review.

    I thought hmm this Mayfield guy seems to be informed by his expereince and says what he thinks. He obviously has worked w/ these devices for a while.
    I did not think that he was a shill but that he was advanced in his experience.

    There is in the forum alot of advise to relax and breathe. If a guy has never had something up his ass that is good advice. if readers have not then be advised relax, breathing and relaxation helps but once it begins takes on a path of it's own. Breathing and relaxation good until it starts but when it starts those get in the way. My experience when it started could stop it but could not direct it.

    Mayfield characterized the Helix as agressive and so with time availble I, afer relaxing, went in to clench mode going to what I thought was 100% \"till I could go farther and then farther when I reached the limit I backed off ~10% and worked it: asa I worked that process my breathing became ragged as my diaphram was quivering.

    Then it started muscule contractions yes, convulsions no (I was afraid), I could stop it in time but short of that it was beyond me.
    I could clench and start it but when it started I went with it if I wanted to stop it I could only ride it out.
    The contractions started in my diaphram which made my breathing ragged and spread to my abomen, it progessed to my upper and lower body until I was wraped up in a featal ball.
    My entire body went in to contraction and release as I came to terms with it for hours.
    It was not sexual I took way no satisfaction in that regard. I was surprised to find a big stain on the sheets, I guess I leaked a lot but it never felt like an orgasm, it was something else
    If this is poorly written, don't post it
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    First, you would do well to read my post in Okay so I'm Confused thread today. Beyond that I would tell you that my opinion on the Classic and the Helix is that they are both great units. Yes, there was a post several weeks back where I wavered a bit on which one might be the better of the two for the newbie. But in truth's a pretty close call. My personal favorite remains the Helix!

    With respect to your experiences, it sounds as if you may have gone at it too vigorously. Off hand I cannot remember what the manufacturer has written on this, but I know that I have never recommended the 100% (highest intensity contractions), particularly for the newbie. Subtle and more moderate contractions are generally far more productive. Ease off of that for a bit, and explore a little more slowly. It sounds like you're trying to force this. Focus on generating pleasant sensations more and less of the calisthenics.

    Lastly, you've had the unit for a little over a month, be patient and in the meantime read up on some of the BEE LINE threads as well.

    BF Mayfield