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  • Hi - I've had the aneros for about 2 weeks now - used it 4 or 5 times but honestly I'm getting to the point of giving up. No sensation whatever, other than feeling like I need a crap. I've read and re-read these forums, tried all sorts...even relaxing to the point of actually going to sleep!!

    Anyone else had zero effect - or is my prostate missing?? Eeek!

    Oh yeah - and taking it out..Ewwww..thats nasty.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    (this post was edited 2005-09-15 12:31:22)


    First, if removal is all that messy, and you feel like you need to evacuate throughout, then it's most likely that you need to clean out prior to your sessions. There are numerous posts on enemas here in the forum if you need more information on the subject. The presence of waste in the rectum can form an obstruction to the Aneros, restricting the units mobility. The massager must have adequate mobility for it to function properly.

    Second, you MUST give it more time! 2 weeks is not at all enough to get a feel for the Aneros. Experiment with different positions; and give each of these time to register with you. Know that the sensations that you're looking for may appear very subtly at first, so be observant. When you do experience something, try encouraging it with subtle methods. Hammering a subtle sensation with an intense contraction will more often than not extinguish the sensation. So again, start in a small way and work from there.

    In the past I've often advised users to start programming their bodies by responding to erotic stimuli anally. This is done by watching some good erotica (of your choice naturally), and contracting to it, in a gently way. Your voluntary anal contraction translate into a stroking of your prostate by the massager. Avoid penile contact and just see if you can arouse yourself in this area and by these means. It's an exercise, of sorts, that pairs visual stimulation with anal/prostatic stimulation (that is, your brain with your body), and trains your body and brain to respond to erotic stimuli in a different way.

    An experienced practicioner of such techniques can develop this to a point where he literally experiences arousal in his prostate first and his penis secondarily, even without the Aneros present!

    BF Mayfield
  • hulahula
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    As always, a great post from Mr. Mayfield.
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    Thanks for that M Mayfield - I have to admit that last night something definately started. Shaking all over,building to something that never quite went anywhere...but encouraging none the less!

    I guess the journey has begun......
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    Shaking?!?! Your journey has most CERTAINLY begun. This will lead to a mind blowing experience. I can attest to this!