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Newbie questions
  • JohnQJohnQ
    Posts: 20
    Hi all,

    Bought the MGX a month ago. Why MGX ? Because it's the only one available in Europe till now, and the price of shipping from USA is about 1/3 of the unit's price ...

    Anyway since then I've made 5 trials.

    On 2 I felt almost nothing.
    On 2 others I felt a nice new undescrible sensation for a short time but unable to reproduce it during the same session.
    On 1 I felt close to an orgasm but enable to reach it, quite frustrating obviously; again unable to reproduce it during the session. I must say that this last one was obtained while my wife was playing with herself; 4 others were solo.
    I finished all sessions ( +/- 1h30) with a classical hand job ( with aneros still inserted) but much more pleasurable than usual ( also some very nice contractions of the anus while ejaculating)

    Obviously I need patience and I will continue to explore...
    I've read a lot in this forum...
    ....But I have some questions

    1) the 20-30 contractions have to be at the same rate as you breathe in breathe out with no intervals or are you \"allowed\" to take some small \"breaks\" , just the time for one or two breathes without contractions ?
    2) about the same 20-30 contractions, have you to contract only the anus, or also pc muscles ?
    3) are you supposed to feel something apart for the aneros movements in the initial 30's?
    4)after the 20-30 contractions, how long are you supposed to sustain the 25-50% contraction ?
    5) during each session I had at various stage some fast quite impressive erections but dissapearing also for no reason. Any explanations ?
    6)When playing with the aneros while contracting I feel that if I pull a little bit the handle I have the impression to feel more the massage agaisnt my prostate ( but I have to admit I'm quite new with those prostate feelings so I'm not sure about that), my hand can maintain the handle and still allow the aneros to move in and out but obviously by doing this there is less pressure in the perineum... Good idea, bad idea ?
    7)A bit strange, on 2 sessions after playing contractions for an hour or so I felt a strange feeling, after a while like an urgent need to pee, so as I was not progressing anymore I did go for a pee and indeed it was a gigantic pee. Happened to you guys ?

    Thks for helping a newbie.

  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Welcome to the Forum JohnQ!

    -I'm not familiar with the "20-30 contractions" method. Could you tell us where in the forum you read about it?

    -As for holding a "25-50% contraction," (which sounds about right to me for helping to induce the involuntary muscle contractions that trigger the Super-O's) my suggestion is to maintain that level of contraction steadily for as long as you can. The idea is to induce a state of muscle fatigue, at which point the body takes over with automatic contractions. Spontaneous orgasms can occur right at that point where you lose control.

    -I can't explain the sudden "rise and fall" of erections during an aneros session, but I can tell you it's quite common and it happens to me all the time. So no worries there.

    -As for pulling on the handle, for safety purposes the general recommendation is to never use any manual manipulation of the aneros. You may very well be contacting your prostate more deeply by altering the angle of the aneros, however you're not likely to experience the Super-O unless the device is free to move by your contractions alone. This is why those other Aneros designs come in handy, since they massage the prostate from different angles. I personally find the Helix to make much better contact than my old "Classic" model.

    If you are interested in being able to manually stimulate your prostate in order to feel more accostumed to its sensations, I would suggest investing in a Deluxe Crystal Wand (just Google it). I think it makes a great complimentary toy for Aneros Newbies who are still learning the ropes of prostate stimulation.

    -As for the urge to pee, hell yes. I always urinate before my sessions, and without fail, I always have to go again in the next hour, sometimes even a second time, no matter how long it's been since I drank anything. I have no idea why.

    Final Thought - Regarding the one session where you felt close to orgasm, you mentioned your wife was masturbating. I'm assuming you felt more aroused than when you were by yourself? That's probably why it worked so much better.

    It's easy to get lost in the techniques, figuring out breathing patterns and muscle contractions and all that, but that stuff is BORING. Remember to keep yourself relaxed and turned on. Ask your wife to join you or watch some porn if you're alone, just remember to have fun with it and be adventurous, and the techniques will work themselves out over time.

    Well, hope this was helpful for starters. Let us know how your next sessions go.

    Good luck!
  • Edit
    Posts: 0

    Congratulations on the initial good results. You seem to be on the path :)

    Don't get caught up in the technical aspects of this experience thinking about how many contractions and of what intensity to do etc etc. THE one most important thing is to relax (on the one hand) and create enough fatigue in your PC muscles and other anal muscles so that involuntaries set in. Once you've done that, your body should do the rest on its own.

    Good luck!
  • JohnQJohnQ
    Posts: 20
    (this post was edited 2005-09-06 10:48:45)


    Tks for the reply.
    The 20-30 "technique" comes from the online instructions:

    "Now that you are fully relaxed and building awareness of the sensations inside the anal canal, you are ready to begin the contraction exercises. Continue to breath slowly and begin to contract the sphincter muscle in time with your breathing. Inhale deeply as you contract the muscles and exhale as you relax. Repeat this exercise 20 - 30 times."

    Made another attempt 2 days ago, nothing special, except as before when finishing by hand, more strong orgasm than the usual with hand job ( already something) but not so enjoyable as intercourse.

    Tks for the sound advice. I suppose in those modern times I'm a bit like a lot of people: I want everything NOW ! ;-)
    I have to learn to be patient...

  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    "The only way is up!"
    Stick with the advice about relaxation - thats what did it for me!
    I have to relate a further success last night (and it was all night!) when I adopted the "Do Nothing" approach suggested and experienced by thicktop4u in his thread posted 2005-03-10. I can now recommend this technique highly, perhaps with the proviso that it will work best for those who have already experience of a Super O. I say this in light of - "if you know what you are looking for, it makes it easier to find it".
    The scenario that may act as a precursor to this is based on a long and succesful session the previous evening (my first Super Os!) and another earlier the same day (after the previous night's SuperOs). Here I succumbed to terminating the session (Aneros still in place) with a marvellous penile ejaculatory orgasm - a wonderful release that produced copius amounts of powerfully ejected seminal fluid caused by what were really stunning anal contractions. A response to the intensity of where I was in my head and the emotions of having discovered a new part of my sexual self.
    So, when I turned in last night and having read of the "Do Nothing" approach, my mind and body was tuned into the possibilities that may be in store.
    I inserted the Helix (per the threader - stroke of luck that I have one in addition to the MGX!) and took up the lying on my right side, right leg extended, left leg drawn up, approach. Although I lubed the Helix and my anus, following the recommendations from the poster I did not insert lubrication into the rectum. (When I do, do this, I make a point of trying to "hit" the prostate with the lube. An extra little bit of pleasure as the journey begins). I turned off the light with the intention of going to sleep with the Helix in place. Well! Within literally a matter of thirty seconds the sensations started to build, fall back, and then build up again. All the while, for over forty minutes, I did not move position or attempt to make any contractions myself. I was determined to see if this method would work for me. It did not disappoint! I had another four Super Os. These began with an intense tremble that moved into a shaking that eventually triggered and released the orgasm. The flicking flashes of green light came with the build up of pelvic tension. (I guess that because all these sensations are nervous electric signals from the brain a kind of short circuiting is taking place).
    A weird idea crossed my mind in amongst all this - that I was experiencing something that must approximate to a female "g spot" orgasm - I mean that I was female! The idea quickly left me - so no need for any panic here!
    I stayed with the sensations all night and although I changed body positions and started contracting sphincter muscles, I did not fully provoked any futher Super Os, just delicious "build ups" and slow "fading". About five am I removed the Helix with the idea that I really had to get some sleep. The contractions kept coming ( - not "coming" - alas!) but I did manage some rest.
    Am I becoming an addict? Yes please! It is an addiction that invigorates. I guess the dopamine that is released following a Super O ( I understand) is similar to a cocaine hit . I should make it clear that the latter, holds absolutely no ambitions or interest for me. I am sure however that I will start to find an appropriate level and start to pace the pleasure.
    Now -here's something "y'all" can do for me! I would welcome some feedback from other "threaders" who have experience of the Eupho and Maximus. I understand the concept that, unlike the MGX (that tends to be tightly centred on the prostate, perineum and penile bulb) the others, as my own experience with the Helix have shown, move around a lot more, so offering unlimited possibilities.
    I may still be basking in the light of recent successes but would like to go for both of them as an extension to these possibilities! Please let me know! Thanks to all for reading. "The only way is up!"
  • JohnQJohnQ
    Posts: 20
    Another Question.

    How long are you guys able to sustain one 25-50 contraction?
    Because personnally after a few seconds ( or what seems a few secs anyway, maybe 20-30 secs) I feel my contraction fading away ... I know I know .. time to train...

    Also I find it quite difficult to hold the contraction, concentrate on deep breathings, concentrate on sensations, and perhaps as well focus on some erotic....
    I realize that if I concentrate on the contraction my breathing becomes erratic and if I concentrate on the breathing I'm loosing the contraction...
    Not talking about doing the four together...

    More practices I suppose ?

    John Q

  • neoneo
    Posts: 9
    I have the same experiences JohnQ i think i am taking in tooo much i'm gonna give calton's relax and do less better technique a go!

    Way da go calton, congrats..
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hmm, I never really timed myself on the extended contractions. I know it varies a lot. For instance, later into a session, my muscles give out more quickly since my sphincter has already gotten a good work out. I guess I've held it for as long as a few minutes a time. But time isn't really the issue.

    I've experienced Super-O's after holding a 25% contraction for less than 15 seconds. The idea is to reach a point of muscle fatigue where you can't hold it any longer, a feeling of involuntary release happens, and then the body responds with automatic spontaneous contractions of it's own.

    For this technique, the important thing is to try to keep that contraction going just as it starts to fade away. If you were holding at 25% and you feel it starting to fade, re-engage at 50% and hold it. Keep playing with that edge for as long as you can. The idea is to reach a point where your muscles involuntarily collapse, rather than simply let go.

    As for maintaining concentration, breathing, contractions, etc, etc. Be aware of all that stuff, but don't let it rule your sessions. It's good to keep reading about the various techniques and methods, but allow yourself to be spontaneous when it comes to actual practice.

    IMHO, your only goals should be to relax, explore, and enjoy.

    Don't try to make anything happen. Just play around with whatever sensations you may feel and see where they take you. Try different things as they occur to you, rather than attempting to constantly maintain a strict regimen of techniques. If you keep a playful attitude, you'll find it easier to discover what works best for you over time.

    It's a bit of a paradox, but the more you are able to release the goal of having the Super-O, the more likely it is to happen.

  • Edit
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    Strange! I don't hold any kind of contraction at all anymore. I just insert the Aneros and attempt to relax as much as possible. My body's muscles take over immediately and start playing with the Aneros, I guess in an attempt to expel the foreign body.

    Maybe I should re-attempt to hold a contraction for an extended period of time to tire out my bum muscles in an attempt to induce strong involuntaries. Hmmmm...

    Will report on some more experiments that I have in mind, later.
  • Edit
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    I find that deep breathing does the same as contracting and you can regulate the contraction through the depth of the breath you take and how long you hold it, it's real interesting all the various techniques, also discovered that position does not really matter as far as major sensations go.
  • Edit
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    Originally Posted By: geezer
    I find that deep breathing does the same as contracting and you can regulate the contraction through the depth of the breath you take and how long you hold it, it's real interesting all the various techniques, also discovered that position does not really matter as far as major sensations go.

    Right, position does not matter much to the sensations, but (for me at least) it matters a lot to how easy it is to start things up. On my back and on my side is best, standing is a no-go, on my knees and upper body on the bed is a no-go for me, sitting is a no-go, laying face down works only sometimes :)

    Each one of us is different :)
  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    Re-positions. I used to favour - on back, legs apart and drawn up with feet flat - but having so much success with lying on my right hand side has converted me to this surefire way that does it for me. I guess once you've found it and its good, the temptation is to revisit more of the same. I do keep giving the back a chance in case some new sensations present themselves.
  • JohnQJohnQ
    Posts: 20
    I thought it was time to make a little update on my situation.

    So after another 4 or 5 sessions, I realized that I had some difficulties making the difference between anus & spincter contractions...
    There is a big difference of feelings if I'm doind one or the other contractions; sometimes I could feel really close to the famous "automatic" contractions but enable to pass the edge ( so still a long way to super O I suppose ...).

    Another, funny, episode, one night I was making love with my wife and she suggested to use the aneros " just like that", no special preparation, just to wear it. Love making was very pleasant and the funny thing is that when orgasming I had to put quickly a hand in the back to avoid expelling the aneros.

    Well, so this my progress report.

  • JohnQJohnQ
    Posts: 20
    Anoter session yesterday evening, long one 3 hours !
    After 2 hours had one(1!) automatic contraction but verrrry light one.
    Had 2 others also light the next hour then turned off the lights!

    Question: when you have an automatic contraction ( or the feeling that you will have one)do you have to hold your +/- 20% manual contraction or release everything to alllow more automatic contractions to come.

    Also during the warming-up 30 initial contractions: do they have to be strong ones or also 20%? do you have to hold them as long as possible or just contract and then release while you breathe ?

    I realize I'm progressing because from time to time I'm much more aware of the presence of the aneros inside me; it's almost like I could feel its contour.
  • JohnQJohnQ
    Posts: 20
    My little journey continues.

    This morning after a small sleep ( 3 hours working with aneros yesterday night !), I went shopping.
    When I came back I had the need for a little nap, as I had 2 hours free I said why not ?

    As soon as I was back in bed I had this strange feeling coming from my anus like the aneros was calling me!
    So I thought what the hell let's do it but as I'm quite tired let's go for the "doing nothing" approach.
    So, minimum lube, aneros in place and back under the sheets with no stress, no contraction program just thinking let's see what will happen.
    Almost immediately I felt some very nice sensations, warmth coming from the rectum, anus thightening ( but not contracting)and then releasing, rectum also thightening around aneros, feeling the head of the unit agains my prostate, procuring some tension; all this at different levels and random order. I tried to relax and just enjoy, was nice but also that was all....
    Tried to sleep but enable because of the nice feelings even if I was doing nothing.

    Now this afternoon I have the same sort of call so as I'm still alone this evening might give it another try but don't know which approach to use ; the relaxed one or the contracting one ...

    Any advise?
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    I recommend trying something slightly different - Relaxation with Visualization.

    Instead of focusing on contractions, make your first goal to simply become aroused in whatever manner feels best, whether that means erotic fantasies, watching some porn, or assistance from your partner. Anything will do, just avoid direct stimulation of your penis.

    Feel free to play around with contractions or not as you become aroused, just let your feelings guide you. Once you feel significantly aroused/turned on, you'll hopefully notice some pleasurable sensations around your prostate.

    At this point, allow yourself to relax and close your eyes and begin using erotic fantasy to imagine that you are experiencing sexual stimulation of your penis past the "Point of No Return" and are enjoying an intense ejaculatory orgasm (remember not to actually touch your penis, simply use your imagination).

    Continue fantasizing and imagine as vividly as possible sensations of sexual stimulation on your penis and the feelings of enjoying an intense, ejaculation in a never-ending loop. If you continue to vividly imagine these sensations long enough, you should begin to feel a building sensation of pleasure in your prostate, which feels very much like the build up towards ejaculation. As long as you feel aroused and continue focusing on the sensations, making them as real as possible, sooner or later your body will automatically trigger a Super-O.

    And once the orgasm subsides, you can simply begin the process all over and the next one should come on faster and stronger than the one before it.

    The great thing about this technique is it's very relaxing and requires no physical skills whatsoever and chances are that it will eventually work as long as you stay focused and aroused. The only drawback is it may require some patience and a little effort to maintain this intense level of focus long enough to get over the first "hill." But once you do, it gets easier and easier to re-create each Super-O.

    Best of Luck! :-)

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    Originally Posted By: JohnQ
    Thks for helping a newbie.


    Hi everyone,
    the many posts I read on this forum helped me on my journey so far and after last night's new heights I feel I have to give back a little.

    I am a fresh user of the aneros but not new to anal pleasures since I am gay, both active and passive and have been playing occasionaly with dildos. When I saw the aneros and read a few posts I thought: this is for me!

    The MGX and Helix arrived last week and I gave myself a test ride with them. The first two sessions I had were dissapointing as nothing happened. Nothing. Except I could feel the aneros in my rectum and that was it.

    After that I tried to follow the advice to relax, kneel, do nothing... for some reason I think I was triying too hard. On the third session I contracted my sphincter muscles, thighs, just about everything I could and it got me into some sort of spasms with a rocking pelvic motion. I could definitely feel the aneros and the tab this time, generating a wee bit of pleasure but what seemed to be very little for such an effort. Anyway I was making progress.

    Then I read someone's post about differentiating between all the mucles involved in order to fine tune the effect... easier said than done. But I tried and noticed that if I concentrated on my anal sphincter and then added contractions of the muscles that control your peeing, somehow the plesure seemed a bit higher. But still: no waves, no butterflies, no groaning... I was becoming jealous!

    On my fourth or fifth session something different happened: After using the aneros for an hour and calling it a day with only slight improvement, I terminated the session by masturbating and as the previous times my orgasm was a bit stronger and copious than normal. I took the aneros out and went to sleep. When I woke up, I could still feel my sphincter muscles and contracted them a few times. A very short but definite hit of pleasure went through my body! I was so surprised as I had done nothing more than contract my muscles with no aneros in. The pleasure was akin to what I experience when I make love.. only shorter. This definitely encouraged me to continue as I was feeling that I was making little steps forward every session.

    Yesterday I came home tired from a very busy week at work. Went to bed at 1 am and decided to try and sleep with the aneros in. As ever afer the first sessions I used the MGX as I like it better.
    After a relatively short time (15?30? mins) I was where I'd been before but I then tried to avoid squeezing my butt too much or rocking my pelvis and lay still. When contracting and moving the aneros inside I tried to feel if there was a place that seemed more sensitive. When there I would try to just keep the toy pressing there, not thinking about my contraction or breathing, and I tried to get "into" the feeling mentally, concentrating on the pleasure created, however small. This resulted in stronger feelings but I could not sustain them very long; however I was now really starting to enjoy this. Then on one occasion I got a glimpse of what was ahead I guess: a warmer, deeper, stronger feeling started to radiate within my pelvis, at the same time my legs experienced a fast but low amplitude vibration. This was very nice and I tried to find how to keep it but again lost it after a while.
    Tired I decided to end the session with a hand job and had a very strong orgasm, rocking around and comming profusely, despite having done so several days in a row ( and I am no 20 year old...). I went to sleep after playing a bit with contractions without the aneros that brought little pleasures all worth feeling.
    I don't know how long I slept but I was woken up by a sharp surge of pleasure going through my body. I loved it even though I was quite taken by surprise. My body felt very sensitive and my anal area even more so; I couldn't resist giving it another try, so I put a little bit of lube on my Helix and in it went. I experienced more waves that I couldn't make last but enjoyed them as they came. Then, and for the first time ever since I embarked on this journey, I felt a very strong erection. I was too tired to last very long so I played with myself again and had another very strong and wet orgasm.

    I haven't had the super one, I know that, but every session had something more to offer and I feel that my body is slowly awakening and offering me more and more enjoyable moments. I haven't read here of someone experiencing "pangs" of pleasure that woke them up but would like to hear from your experiences. I am very interested to see where this leads and just a bit anxious that I may become addicted(!)

    This is the first "place", virtual or other, where I have seen men share such intimate feelings, regardless of their origins or sexual orientations. And I am touched. All because of this little bit of plastic we are playing with...