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ProstateMassage101 Yahoo Group
  • ericeric
    Posts: 4
    I am a satisfied user of the Aneros and I have just started a prostate massage gropu on Yahoo:

    New members are MOST welcome!

    My group deals with the health and sexual benefits of prostate massage, whether performed by another person or by yourself with the aid of the Aneros or other devices.

    I think we can pursue topics in my group which might perhaps go too far in this forum.

  • hello could you send invite for this group.i did yahoo search came with nothing thanks [email][/email]
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    I have not purchase one yet but I need to know if it works for a me because I had my prostate remove because of cancer so will this product work for me please give me a relay so I can purchase one soon and I do not have to give myself a shot each time I want to have sex a relay with an answer thanks
  • inneedinneed
    Posts: 8
    anyone ever goto the chat room here
    i never find anyone there, if so what time do you go there?