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  • KCsmoothKCsmooth
    Posts: 7
    I asking this question more as a physiology issue that user issue. I have never generated alot of pre-cum when I am aroused. I find that when I use the Helix, I am receiving incredible sensations and am making tremendous progress and am well on the verge of the big O. I do not generate any precum. Is it possible that the Helix is blocking a duct? Has anyone else experienced this and if so, what did you do, if anything? There has been a couple of occasions that I left the Helix in while I masturbated. I did ejaculate, but not much. After the ejaculation subsided and I felt done, I withdrew the Helix. I then tended to leak for a while. This leads me to think that length of the Helix might be pressing and blocking a seminal duct. Any knowledgeable ideas?

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Some people just dont make a lot of pre-cum juice, while others are virtual faucets :) Everyone is different. If you're not producing a lot during regular sex or masturbation then it's likely that you arent going to produce a lot with the Aneros, although speaking for myself, I produce a bit more pre-cum with the Aneros than without.

    I would not worry too much about the leakage and lack of pre-cum. All sounds completely normal, no blockage.
  • Jay-DeeJay-Dee
    Posts: 2
    I've experienced the same thing with the HELIX. It feels awesome, but I don't produce any precum. If i remove the helix and insert my MGX, it starts flowing straight away.
  • KCsmoothKCsmooth
    Posts: 7
    I think you've answered my question. The Helix being about an inch longer may be block the flow of pre-cum, whereas the MGX doesn't. I know there are trade offs and each body is a little different. For me the Helix creates almost immediate positive results. Did I read use the Helix to get you going and sometimes switch to the MGX while aroused? It seems like a logical strategy. I think sometimes the pre-cum is a signal that I like to experience. Thanks for your input. Anyone else have any experiences like this?
  • agentgreyagentgrey
    Posts: 21
    It probably varies from person to person. I use the Helix, and I've been making a lot of progress lately with stronger, more intense sensations. I also have been producing more pre-cum than before, so at least in my case the Helix doesn't seem to be blocking anything. When I finish off by masturbation, there is more fluid than when I do it without the Helix.
  • It seems that every male sex site, and forums talk so much about precum. I find it very interesting, actually erotic! I've even read women statements regarding how much they love it in respect to actual cum.

    I'm not worried about it, but I have never experienced myself oozing precum, but would really love that experience. I honestly thought an Aneros would make it happen, but no luck.

    Does anyone know of a way that I could make it happen?

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357

    i am a very light leaker.

    the thing that by far gets me leaking most is the Extended Male Deer exercise. check out that thread.