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Lubricant - How much w/syringe?
  • gspotgspot
    Posts: 4
    I have read most of the testimonials and thought I could get by with using
    the Helix without using a syringe first. Unfortunately it seems as if the lubricant is not getting in my anal canal enough when I insert the Helix.
    Now granted I am new at this, but I am wondering if the Helix is to big for me and I made the wrong choice. Maybe I just need to inject some lube
    with a syringe first and see how that works out. I have actually stopped and have removed the Helix after 30 mins. to relube and it only seems to help for a little while. This makes me wonder if its to big or not.
    The purchase I made was for the Holiday Special, which was the MGX and the
    Helix along with a great anal syringe. Now I wish I would have got the syringe for the lube too. Too bad it was not included.
    One thing I want to add is that when I tried the MGX after wroking with the Helix for 2 hrs., it seemed like I could feel more movement than with
    the Helix.
    So far I have only used the Helix twice now for about 2 hrs. each time.
    Have experienced any orgasms yet, but have been dilengently trying as per
    your instructions and advise from various people.
    Mr. Mayfield's comments have been very helpful and I really do appreciate
    any words of wisdom I can get.

    Any words of advise from any of you are much appreciated!

    Thank you...