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Is pre-cum the starting....
  • Place to gaining the Super-O? Using two different models over the past several months, I haven't been able to achive the Super-O. I know pre-cum starts when you massage your prostate, but is this an indication that you're on the right path? I've gotten large amounts, but that's it. Any help here?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Great question! Precum is an indicator of one thing,...a high state of arousal. As a part of a traditional sexual encounter one can see this prior to foreplay...(if you're filled with anticipation), or you can see it during foreplay....OR..not! Some people produce a lot of this will others produce very little. The same holds true for the Super O.

    In the early days I believed that the presence of pre-cum was an indicator of an imminent Super O. However, it is NOT necessarily so, as a matter of fact, with most of my sessions I may see a small amount of precum (particularly if I milk my shaft for it)..but with respect to there being some flow .... sometimes there will be, but often times won't. Now that's me, others have found differently...but that's just the point, results on this have varied.

    In reading your previous thread, it would seem that you've been putting far too much emphasis on this. Frankly, it's a distraction for you. The bottom line is (apropos of the recent outing of DEEP THROAT from the Watergate scandal who said..... follow the money), I say follow the sensations . The sensations are what will get you where you want to be. For instance, become aware not only of the sensation of contraction (which we all know), but the sensation of release as well. It's often ignored by users, but the release sensation has been responsible for kick starting many of my Super O's.

    Check it out!

    BF Mayfield