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Prostatic fluid?
  • reddog15reddog15
    Posts: 3
    I have been using the Aneros on and off for a couple of months now and have had some close results so far but no super O. One thing that I notice is that during the first contraction exercises I generate a LOT of pre-cum. It feels like I'm pissing the stuff, which I like. Is this the prostatic fluid? I have also gently hand manipulated the aneros a couple of times and got a couple of drops of white fluid and some intense sensations. Is the clear stuff prostatic fluid or just pre-cum?
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    It's one in the same.

    When you feel like you're pissing, especially during manual stimulation, that is because you are stimulating the prostate gland directly. It gives the sensation that you are urinating.

    In addition, you will often see excretion of additional prostatic fluid (pre-cum). Basically, you are doing what is know as (in the BDSM world) "milking" yourself.

    It does feel good but (at least from my experience) doesn't get you any closer to the "Super-O".

    Keep at it.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Precum, is normally attributed to being a product of Cowper's gland, also known as the bulbourethral gland . The Cowper's secretions are clear, watery and thinned KY liquid...and are typically seen prior to ejaculation (it nourishes sperm)...sound familiar?

    BF Mayfield

    P.S. I recommend that you not work the Aneros by hand. This is not what it was designed for and could cause damage. Your hand is capable of exerting far more force than your anal sphincter. Furthermore, if you're ultimate goal is the Super O, this will not get you there. So be careful!