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  • Bought it, did it.

    Wow. The Helix is incredible. When it arrived in the mail, I jumped on it immediately. I cleaned out, lubed up and did my thing... let it do it's thing. I am definitely going to get some vaseline to increase lubrication.

    I was a bit stressed so it took a while for my ass to get the message, but when I changed positions from deep breathing/relaxation to laying on my back, that little tab thingy kept hitting the mattress. This started it all up. I found myself bucking and waves of orgasm flowed over my body.. shoulders, arms, torso.. all of my body was quaking.

    I didn't even realize that I had orgasmed until I looked down at my penis and there was semen flying everywhere. Wow.. and hot. I was moaning like a pig and wasn't even touching myself. I assumed super O occured.

    Later that evening, I had a date with a guy. When he was fucking me (rare event), I was able to connect to the same whole-body sensation. I started going crazy and he got very concerned thinking he was hurting me as I was reworking the the nerve/brain stimulation I had encountered earier in the day.

    Just wanted to share this experience with you guys. Gay, straight, whatever.. this type of orgasm is incredible and has made me rework the concept of getting laid.

    Buy a Helix, get laid.