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So what am I supposed to be feeling?
  • I made an impulse purchase of the Aneros before I knew there are several models availible. The online store I purchased it from listed it simply as "the Aneros" - Come to find out later, the model I have the SGX, the most petite of the bunch.

    I am new to "back door" stimulation and I am not familiar with the sensations I should be experiencing - Basically I am experiencing very little! There's the pressure of a foreign object, not pleasant exactly, but it subsides with relaxation. After several extended sessions using instructions and advice from the boards, I have concluded that I must be recieving little/no direct stimulation from the SGX. I have never felt the sensation of having to urinate, although I can achieve some subtle involuntary contractions after 30-40 minutes, and even recieved a few pleasurable "waves" come over me, like an endorphine rush or something, but I have never once recieved a sensation that I could definatively say was the prostate being stimulated (but it's the same thing with any manual attempt) I've never achieved an erection exclusively from the use of this device, nor do I feel like it "enhances" my performance, except that the payload is slightly more voluminous than usual. In fact, I find it slightly interferes with the sensations of traditional orgasm... Huh...

    I really want to explore the possibilites, and have been open minded and patient with using the SGX, but I think that it is just not quite reaching everything that needs to be reached. Can someone kindly explain: What does it feel like when the prostate is stimulated?!? I am 6ft tall with a large frame - Do I need the helix?!?

    Thanks for the advice!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953

    I dont know how long you have been at it, but after a few months, I have only gotten that have to pee feeling once. I dont claim to know a ton about the human body, but I my thought was that when the prostate gets stimulated, it swells, and that is probably where that feeling comes into play. I believe that all of the products should hit you where you need to be hit. I use an MGX. I dont think that there is a whole lot of difference between my model and yours. It is a mind game. There are people here that have been able to achieve success with their models then can bring on the subsequent Super O's without using the Aneros at all. That goes to show you how much of this is centered within you as opposed to with the product.

    Make sure you take it slow and try different positions. It would be interesting if anyone out there has had success with your model. Maybe someone will have some input for us.

    Good Luck. To The Journey!


  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    What does prostate stimulation feel like? It's not the easiest to explain, because in many ways it's really it's own thing. The initial sensations are a kind of dull fullness in the rectum which may or may not translate in to an urgency to pee. As sensations are heightened in the area one may become aware of a subtle tickling sensation that may be felt simultaneously in the anus and urethra as well. As things get really heated up, all of these sensations are felt more intensely and one may become aware of the prostate actually swelling up....feeling fuller itself.

    If you not experiencing any of these sensations yet...don't despair, they will develop over time. Although it is true that there are subtle differences between some of the Aneros models, there is no question that SGX is considerably smaller than any of the other models, in length and girth (width). Is it possible that this model is not contacting your prostate at all? Yes, it's possible...but unlikely, particularly given your comments about feeling discomfort back there. Of course it's conceivable that the discomfort that you're experiencing was only anal...but that's usually not the case.

    Still, all and all the SGX can be a great ice-breaker for those who are new to anal play. You may not hit it out of the park with this one, but at the very least it's a good introduction to what these sensations are all about. I should mention that I'm 6' 4 and although the SGX is not my weapon of choice, I've been orgasmic with it. Of course anatomical variation can be a factor in all of this too. There are some people out there who've reported getting insufficient prostate engagement from the larger models as well, and must resort to different positions to maximize contact from the devices. Again, I don't think that this is your issue.

    Before you jump into upgrading to another unit, I would suggest spending some more time with your SGX. Some more practice will only make the eventual upgrade more effective for you anyway. Just for grins try sitting down in front of some good erotica (with the Aneros in place). Enjoy it...get aroused before doing anything.. (if possible, without any penile contact). Now start with some VERY subtle anal contractions. Try timing them with something you might be seeing if you know what I mean. Again, very subtle contractions...and see what happens. Be observant of everything that you feel. Pay attention to the sensation of the contraction as well as that of the release.

    Give it some time. If you're not feeling anything in one position, try a different one (as Buster suggested), very often this can make the difference. Suggestions; on your side (left and right), on your back, kneeling, on all fours.

    Have fun with it and forget about the destination at this point, it's all about the journey!

    BF Mayfield
  • Edit
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    Mr. Mayfield described it so well. It's a tickle you can't scatch. I find myself wanting to ram a log up there to satisfy the feeling. One thing I have also noticed is after a session the entire area feels warm and swollen. I find myself masturbating often following a session. You kinda feel like your in "heat".

    Good luck,
  • Thank you for the responses! I shall persevere for the time being. Despite the my indifference to the device, I do rather enjoy the adventure of it all, and my wife is totally supportive and encouraging. I just wish the Aneros gave a more tactile response, any sensation is just so... Vague... I'll keep on with the SGX for a few more weeks and then maybe give the Helix a spin (or is that a sit-and-spin?!? ;-)