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Syringe thingy
  • nannuunannuu
    Posts: 1
    How does it work? I realize one end goes in the butt, then there is the pumping bulb, but what do you do with the other end? ...and how does it work?
    Thanks for your input, Nannuu
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    The other end goes into a bucket (or some other container) of water. This type of enema works almost like a siphon. As the water is drawn into the bulb from one end, it is expelled out the nozzle end at the same time. Although I've never used this type, if it works as designed, it would seem to make clean-up easier and provide a for a considerable larger volume of liquid, (the limiting factor being the vessel that one uses....ostensibly you could a 5 gallon water bottle...not that you'd need that much ;-)

    Please let us know if it is effective!

    BF Mayfield