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Helix is awesome!
  • big_Obig_O
    Posts: 44
    I've had great success in the last several months with the MGX, so I hesitated to buy one of the new models, figuring what more could one of them offer in terms of sensations. Also I had already spent a lot on various models in the last year or two, the classic, the SGX, an MGX I threw away in frustration, and then the current MGX I have. Finally I deceided "it's only money", so I'll give one of the new models a try. Well, I have to say the Helix is FANTASTIC and my first 2 sessions with it have been even more intense than tne always great orgasms my MGX produces. Now I'll have to save up my pennies and complete my next-Gen collection with the Eupho & Maximus models. : )

    So, the moral of the story is if you're already enjoying the MGX, don't think that's the end of the road and deprive yourself of the chance for even more intense sessions with the Helix.