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My first Aneros experience
  • GerryGerry
    Posts: 2
    This is my first time posting on here,

    I got my aneros MGX in the post on Friday and had my first session with it on Friday night, just thought I’d share my experience.

    I started off following the instructions and lying on my side and relaxing and seeing what happened for the first 15 to 20 minutes, then starting contractions, to be honest it didn’t feel like much was happening but I knew it would probably take a while so I decided to bear with it and see what happened.

    I then seem to have lost track of time (maybe I drifted off to sleep I don’t know, but this was an hour later) I was suddenly shaking uncontrollably, my penis had become fully erect and I was having involuntary muscle contractions in my hips and lower abdomen, almost like I was thrusting during sex, this was also accompanied by the most amazing feeling all over my body all tingley and nice, this feeling lasted for ten minutes or more before I felt like I was about to climax, then it tailed off without me ejaculating but leaving me in a state of complete bliss, not knowing or caring where I was or what was happening.

    An interesting first experience to say the least, my wife who was in bed beside me at the time is convinced I had an Orgasm from what I described, saying it sounded like and Orgasm she would have from sex, I’m not sure if I did but it was more powerful and felt a lot better than anything else I have experienced from sex. She also said that for the hour I can’t remember that I was shaking and breathing heavily and seemed to be enjoying it.

    Anyway, that’s my first experience, I have not had a chance since to do a repeat, but I will have to make time for it! Just one question, which is probably a silly one, with the PC muscle contractions, should I be pulling the aneros in or pushing it out and pulling it in? Or is it a case of whatever works?
  • Edit
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    don't push it in; let your involuntaries do the work.