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Answers to some questions about my Super "O"
  • biddlemabiddlema
    Posts: 30
    "FleshJoe" asked me some questions about my Super "O" experience. I thought that other forum members might be interested in my answers, so I decided to make a separate post in addition to my reply to Joe.

    Question - When the Super "O" happened did it feel like the Aneros was moving rapidly BACK AND FORTH in your anus, or was the movement totally random and jerky?

    Prior to the Big "O" the Aneros was moving rapidly in relatively short strokes. During this time my cock felt like it was straining to get harder and harder. I've been here before, and usually just try to relax and let it continue as long as it will. The pleasure is so incredible! In fact, I originally thought that this was what everybody was referring to as the Big "o."
    This time however, I felt a real strong surge up my cock like it had reached it limits of strain, and I was going to actually cum. Then the Aneros strokes surged and became longer, harder and slower. With each stroke of the Aneros a new wave of pleasure spread through my body. They seemed to be fairly rhythmic rather than random or jerky. I really don't know how long it lasted, but it wasn't long enough! I didn't want it to end!

    Question - Is the movement caused by muscle contractions similar to when you ejaculate?

    The rate of occurrence was similar to the contractions I have during a traditional orgasm. But the muscle contractions were very different. I never felt like I was going to ejaculate after that initial plunge over the top.

    Question - When you create this super-O without the Aneros do you get strong muscle contractions? If so, where? Are they similar to what happens during ejaculation?

    I really didn't create the Super "O" without the Aneros, it just happened. I have no idea why or if it will happen again. But yes, the slow, hard muscle contractions were the same as with the Aneros inserted, but not the same as when I ejaculate.

    Question - Where was the pleasure centered, were you able to distinguish a specific point in your body, or was the pleasure diffuse and everywhere?

    The pleasure started in my prostate, but was not really centered there. Every long hard stroke the Aneros made, sent a wave of pleasure from that point up and over my entire body. The pleasure waves went out like the ripples across a pond; over and over again.

    Question - In terms of intensity, how does it compare with the point of no return feeling right before you ejaculate?

    I would have to say that the intensity was at least as strong as the point of no return; but rather then only lasting a split second it continued on for minutes. I was grabbing the covers in my fists and moaning like a mad man! I couldn't keep still! I must have said, "OH GOD!” "OH!", and "JESUS!" at least a hundred times.

    I wish I could have made a video when it happened, so everybody in this forum could get a better idea of what it was like for me. I couldn't have made a video by myself anyway. Someone would have needed to move the camera and zoom in to really see anything, other than me thrashing around and moaning.

    I might be willing to actually make the attempt in the future (with the hopes of catching a Super "O"), if I could find a discrete couple (male/female) that live reasonably close and would be willing to record it without any interference (no touching). I don't think I would feel comfortable with a single individual (male or female), and therefore would probably have little hope of achieving a Super "O" with them recording me. Assuming that I am ever able to duplicate what happened! My wife still doesnt'know about the pleasres I get from Aneros. I know I need to tell her...I'm workingh on it...tomorrow maybe! Right know she thinks it's only a device for prostate health (HIH). However, that is as far as my deceptions go, I have no intention of cheating on her! With the hightened sexuality the Aneros creates, I don't trust myself to be alone with any one person. Safety in numbers maybe; especially a husband and wife!

    Anyway...Stick to the Aneros journey and have fun! Hope you all find your own Big "O" soon!


  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    The more I read here the more I am convinced the difference between a regular orgasm and Super-O in men correspond to the difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms in women. I find it fascinating.
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Thanks for the extensive replies. I'll read, digest, and maybe ask more :)

    Still no super-O for me... The journey continues :)