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Talking to your partner
  • ValVal
    Posts: 1
    I noticed that some of you would like some advice as to how to approach your partner about incorporating the Aneros into your sex life. As I just purchased one for my husband a few days ago, I can't get into specifics about that in particular, but I think I might be able to help out with introducing \"new things' in general. I'll be blunt; chances are, if you're bored with your sex life, your partner probably is, too. If you think that they may not be receptive to your ideas (and you might be wrong:) start slowly. Like maybe talking about trying a new position or oral/manual technique. See if you can get her to open up about what she might like. Or you could purchase a book about improving your technique and/or increasing her pleasure and leave it where she will see it. Hopefully, this will out up the lines of communication and pique her interest. If she is any kind of partner, she will want to reciprocate! Another alternative is to purchase a book about ESO. I have a 1983 edition of the book, so there is no mention of the Aneros, but I understand that a newer version (that I'm going to purchase soon) does. In the older version, it introduces external prostate stimulation, which may be less intimidating for a one that has no experience with anal play. I have been an active, adventurous partner with my husband for 20 years now, but if I was not, I think this is how I would like to be approached. I hope that I have added something to the forum. Good Luck!
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    thanks for the advice.