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Did anyone try my diet?
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    I have gotten more feedback from other places from men who use the Aneros and have tried my diet. I'm just curious if anyone from here tried it, and if so, what were the results? I'm interested in positive and negative feedback.
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    I didnt, because I'm already following a strict diet to reduce cholesterol and salt intake, so adding your diet to the mix would be confusing (for me). If you have a way to mix your diet with a strict salt/fat/cholesterol regime, I'd be interested at least to hear about it.

  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    If you went on my diet, your heart doctor would shake your hand. Fish oil is very VERY good for lowering cholesterol. Here are some references:

    Salt has nothing to do with my diet. "Diet" is rather strong--really for men it's just taking high-dose fish oil, at least the RDA of magnesium and zinc, drinking an extra glass of orange juice a day, and trying to eat protein at every meal and cut down on "bad carbs." Try to get carbs from non-starchy vegetables and fruits, as opposed to grain-based carbs. Avoid all transfats and try to stay away from polyunsaturated fats. I recommend men can eat saturated and monosaturated fats, but if your doctor has told you to cut down on those, no big deal. Just make sure to stay away from anything containing the words "partially hydrogenated" on the ingredients label--interferes with the fish oil action.

    The main thing is the fish oil. Don't take high-dose fish oil like this if you are taking blood-thinning medications like Coumadin, or aspirin therapy, or take lots of OTC pain relievers, are scheduled for surgery or are allergic to seafood. I recommend taking at least enough fish oil to get 1600 mg of EPA and 800 mg of DHA. I personally take 3200 mg of EPA and 2600 mg of DHA a day.

    Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, at least for several hours before trying for Super-O's. For women I recommend they eat an ounce of quality dark chocolate every day; I'm not sure this has the same beneficial effect on men.
  • I'd have to say I tend to eat like this naturally, and do always take 3000mg of Omega 3 daily along with Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, etc. I also added Ginko Biloba and occasional Ginseng. The day I tried Ginseng was impressive so I may have to use again.

    Anyway I have stellar, sometimes inconceivable, Super O's all day for hours on end. I still feel the aftershocks from yesterdays session somewhat this morning.