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  • Pan March 2005
  • I have tried twice to insert my new aneros, unsuccessively. I used heavy lub, inside and out. It would only go in part way. As if I was not in the tunnel. What's wrong?
    Frustrated 123
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hi Frustrated,

    I have some quick questions that may help us help you:

    1. Which model Aneros are you using? MGX? SGX? Helix? etc.

    2. Are you using lubricant?

    3. Did you empty your bowels before attempting to insert the device?

    4. How was your body positioned when you attempted to insert the device?
  • Edit
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    It sounds like you're not making it past the pubo-rectal sling muscle. This is a second, "involuntary sphincter" inside your rectum. If you aren't relaxed, the rectum will be pinched off and you won't be able to get an object to pass. It's easy to feel it inside if you use your finger.

    You may have to concentrate on relaxing it to fully insert your Aneros. It might be difficult at first, but after a little work, it's easy to relax it on command. Don't force it, just relax and keep at it.