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It just gets better
  • RogerRoger
    Posts: 23
    I just got back from a 3 day mini-vacation -- just me and the Helix -- and I just have to share.

    I got to my hotel about 2:30, so I had plenty of time for a session. This was my first session since having my first Super-O, so I really wanted it to happen again, maybe too much so as it turned out. The session started out really well and I thought I was going to have a super-o righ away, but it just didn't happen. I found myself chasing the sensations and trying to make something happen for about 2 hours. I had lots of fun, but no Super-O.

    Later that evening I decided to try again. This time I told myself just to relax and enjoy what comes. That's what worked for me before, so it should work again. So I just inserted the Helix, lay on my side, relaxed and did nothing but concentrate on the sensations in my body. Over time, the sensations started to build all by themselves and I felt my anus contracting slightly all on its own. I did nothing to aid or prevent what my body was doing. I just tried to mentally build the sensations. I went through several waves of contractions and involuntaries that just seemed to happen automatically and then, WHAM, Super-O. It was amazing and very reaffirming. I had almost convinced myself that I imagined the first one. I had three more Super-Os in that session and finished with a great, and very productive, ejaculation.

    The next day, I just had to try it again to cement my technique. So I lightly lubed my anus and the Helix, inserted it and lay on my side in a very comfortable position and just relaxed and concentrated. This time I began to feel some great sensations almost immediately and I felt my anus start to contract slowly. I just let it. After about 15 minutes and 2-3 small waves of contractions, I had a great Super-O and then 3 more. I decided not to finish with an ejaculation because I wanted to try another session that night.

    That night I did exactly the same thing with same results and more. After 15 minutes of just letting my body do what it wanted, I had a huge Super-o, or at least I thought then it was huge. This was followed almost immediately by a second, smaller one. I barely had time to catch my breath before I felt the Helix start to twitch again and in a couple of minutes I was off again, but this time it was different. Up to this point my Super-Os had always started with a strong sensation of building tension and pleasure that would plateau for as long as the orgasm lasted. This time, however, I reached a very intense plateau, but then the tension/pleasure increased again until I hit another, even higher plateau, and then it did it again. I cannot describe this sensation. All I can say is that I litterally saw fireworks and, when it was over, I was almost crying with joy and saying heartfelt 'Thank yous' for the experience. While I was still too stupid to do anything, I felt the waves building yet again, but this time it was very different. My entire body started to tingle from head to toe and slow waves of pleasure just started to flow from the Aneros throughout my body. It was extraordinary and ended in a small Super-O that I think I forced a bit to happen. After that I masturbated and actually had a very small super-o while doing so.

    This was really the best physical experience of my life. The urge to share this with other men is very strong. I really think that EVERY MAN should be able to have this experience.
  • RogerRoger
    Posts: 23
    I thought I would elaborate a little more on the technique that has worked for me.

    I lubricate my anus and then the Helix, but have found no need to inject any lubricant into my rectum. I feel it is very important to keep the perinium and the abutment tab dry and free of lube. I insert the Helix half way and let it take over from there. I simply lie on my side with my top leg bent and resting on a pillow. This is very comfortable for me. From this point on, I don't consciousely do anything. I simply relax, concentrate on the feelings the Aneros is producing and simply let my body respond. It sounds really simple, and it is.

    So far a typical session will start out, after a few minutes of relaxation, with some mild tingling in my anus. My anus then contracts very slightly on its own, pulling the Helix in deeper and bringing the abutment tab into good contact. The feelings in my anus grow and it continues to contract very slowly. Soon I begin to feel some internal sensations. These can vary quite a bit in how they present themselves, but I concentrate on them and try to focus all my attention on these feelings. My anus will generally relax sponataneousely a few times and then contract slowly again, each time a little more, pulling the aneros in deeper and putting more pressure on the tab. I can really feel the aneros moving over my prostrate when this happens and the internal sensations really start to build. Usually around this time I experience some PC contractions and I start to feel what I can only describe as a subtle flutter in my rectum, like it is slightly trembling. At this point I get an erection. The fluttering feeling turns into pulses and the involuntaries start and my erection gets very, very hard and throbs. The involuntaries then stop, my anus relaxes a bit, but never totally, and the cycle starts over again. It usually takes two or three of these of these cycles, each more intense and pleasurable, until I have a Super-O.

    In the build up to the Super-O, the internal feelings get very strong and I've been getting a buzzing feeling in my protrate/perinium. As the rectal flutter starts, I get even harder than before. When the involuntaries start, they can feel very powerful, like the aneros is being driven powerfully into my rectum. The spasms continue longer and build in frequency until the Super-O starts at which point it feels like the aneros is being pulled even further into my body and kept there until it is over. Once I have one Super-O, each new cycle creates another Super-O. They are all different and all wonderful.

    During this whole process I am not consciousely contracting or relaxing my anus, tightening my abdominals, panting, etc., yet all of these things are happening. I try to be as passive as I can, just letting my body do what it wants to, and it really seems to want to have Super-Os. When I try to interfere, it doesn't work as well. Even though I am passive, I am still very intent on what is happening. The mental focus is very important. The fact that my body seems to know how to do this is really quite strange and reaffirming at the same time. I don't know if this technique will work for anyone else or will work with any model other than Helix.

    I hope these observations are helpful to others and I'm happy to answer any questions I can about my experiences.

  • Originally Posted By: Roger
    I thought I would elaborate a little more on the technique that has worked for me.

    *********** All Great Info. ***************

    I hope these observations are helpful to others and I'm happy to answer any questions I can about my experiences.

    Hi Roger,

    It's Matt. Thank you for the information and your desire to assist others. I am having exactly the same "responses" to the Helix that you describe. So I think you are posting information that is applicable to us all. Yes, the body itself knows what to do, and that is one of the keys.

    You may want to read about my Lay There And Do Nothing Technique either in the Sticky "First Super O" Thread, or in a following thread. There are some points there that may be helpful. I too want to share this with every guy in the world, (regardless of sexual orientation).

    I think the "Super O" itself causes us to want to share it, ......... and yes, thank God for Bob Mayfield pointing the way to us all !!!

  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    Thanks, guys, for sharing your experiences.
  • RogerRoger
    Posts: 23
    This gets stranger and stranger.

    Two nights ago I had my most intense session with the Helix yet. I had at least 10 Super-Os in a little over an hour. It was amazing. But, oddly enough, I continued to be able to have Super-Os even after I removed the Helix. I had four more just by concentrating on my lower abdomen and initiating a very mild anal contraction. What's really strange is that even 36 hours later I can still trigger a Super-O almost at will in the same way. These Super-Os are very strong and completely controllable. I can adjust their intensity and duration according to how I contract my anus. I can build one on top of another by increasing and decreasing pressure during the Super-O. I've also discovered that I can produce different types of Super-Os depending on where I concentrate my attention. For example, if I concentrate on the base of my penis, I get a Super-O that starts with a lot of PC contractions, almost like an ejaculation, and then finally 'goes over the top' when I let my anus contract as well. If I concentrate on my abdomen, I get a Super-O that seems to build very slowly from inside and then becomes very powerful with no anal or PC contractions. If I haven't had a Super-O for several hours, like after sleeping, I can initiate one in just a few minutes just by concentration and very subtle contractions in my anus and rectum. Although this has been a lot of fun, it does have me a little concerned. From what I've read here, this does not seem like a 'normal' response. I hope that this doesn't indicate any kind of physiological problem, although I feel great with no pain or discomfort, although my abdominal muscles are getting quite workout. It's almost like a switch has been turned on by the Helix and, now that my body and mind have been taught how to have a Super-O, they can do it all by themselves. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Should I be concerned?
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Interesting problem. I would think that since you have no discomfort at all, this might be a good problem. As an outsider looking in, I would put you in the lucky category. Good luck with it.
  • supportsupport
    Posts: 232
    Dear Roger:

    I don't think you will find this to be a problem - except that a lot of other people may be jealous of you. I can think of a few people here on the forum that share your "problem".

    You might want to confer with B Mayfield or Minsinz (on this forum), look into some of Mantak Chia's books on multiple orgasm, and visit for some discussion on similar matters.

    Congratulations on your problem!!

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Wow, you *are* a lucky dog. I don't know if its you or its the Helix design. The Helix *does* seem to have a much shorter learning curve and a better success rate than anything I've read so far...

    OK, I'm buying one :)!!!!!
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hey Roger,

    I've been a volunteer coach at for over 4 years and the experience you are describing is actually fairly commonly reported in the forum there by folks who practice KSMO (Key Sound Multiple Orgasm).

    Jack Johnston, the creator of KSMO, has a term for this phenomena. He calls it "opening the floodgates," and I've found that to be a perfect phrase for how it feels. It's as if this sexual energy, a kind of orgasmic potential that we all have inside us, can be suddenly unleashed by the right technique or experience, and from then on these new kinds of feelings and sensations are far more accessible, even spontaneous!

    I agree with the Support Staff here, that this certainly doesn't sound like a "problem," per se. It's the kind of thing Jack often affectionately refers to as a "higher level gripe." Something that may be surprising and even confusing for awhile, but certainly nothing to complain about! LOL.

    Anyway, my one piece of advice would be to look into ways to control this energy, (often called "grounding") just in case you find it arising in an inconvenient or inappropriate time, it helps to know how to re-channel it until you feel safe to fully express it.

    Another reason to learn ways to ground this energy is because sometimes people who practice Tantra, KSMO, and similiar techniques find themselves feeling over-stimulated (ungrounded) after a session almost to an uncomfortable or even frightening extent.

    My wife and I sometimes reach these states after especially intense lovemaking while using KSMO techniques, but I never have with the Aneros. However, considering how rapidly you seem to be advancing with the Helix (is that thing AMAZING or what!?!?) I suppose it could happen to you as well.

    So, if you ever sense that you are feeling dizzy, uncomfortable, or ungrounded after your sessions, I would suggest eating a good hearty meal to bring your energy back down. Preferably something heavy like pasta, meat, bread and cheese, mashed potatoes, or even a nice Guiness Stout. The trick is to have whatever you like ready to eat before you start your session, so there's not much waiting involved after. When I feel ungrounded, the last thing I want to do is cook!

    Of course, is you feel comfortable and want those little orgasmic waves to keep coming 48 hours later, don't bother grounding! I'm only suggesting this if you ever start to feel like you're really pushing "new boundaries," and your body needs time to catch up. Because the more comfortable you are at each step, the more ingrained these new feelings will become, and the more easily you'll progress!

    I hope this was helpful, and please keep those reports coming in! It's really thrilling to see newbies advancing so much faster with the new designs!


    Pan :-)
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    Roger, you have described very similar reactions that I have had with my MGX after two weeks of use.
  • RogerRoger
    Posts: 23
    Thanks Support, Pan, and Hula,

    I didn't really mean to imply that I thought this was a problem! I guess I was just a little bit freaked out over how my body has responded to all of this. It's like discovering that I have a new sense. It feels wonderful, and I am very grateful for the experience, but it's also a little disorienting. After 43 years, my body has shown me something completely new and wonderful, but it doesn't really feel like it's a part of me yet. I know that will come. Your comments really helped to quiet the weirdness I was feeling.

    I woke up in the middle of the night last night, which, unfortunately, is not unusual for me, and instead of turning on the tube, reading or worrying, I had an amazing time all by myself. I had 6 or 7 Super-Os without the Aneros and really took my time with them. They are all different. I am starting to learn more about the range of feelings my body can produce and how I can change and deepen these feelings. I ended with a traditional orgasm that was astonishing in its intensity. It has been difficult for me to have a traditional orgasm for the last few days, and I haven't felt a big need to do so. It's as if my body switched to Super-Os and didn't want to switch back. But I took my time and really let my mind enter the sensations. It's odd but for the first time in my life I could really feel the difference between the orgasm and the ejaculation. It was a totally immersing, whole body experience that I've only had a handful times before with a traditional orgasm.

    I plan to re-introduce the Helix in the next day or two and see where it takes me this time.

    This is an extraordinary journey and I feel very lucky to have found my way to it comparatively easily.
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Yes you are a lucky dude :)
  • utubeplayutubeplay
    Posts: 40
    Roger I just had my first Super O last night and I think I'm starting to experience exaclty what you describe here......

    It's TRULY AMAZING! As I type this I have a BUZZING sensation in my head and I seem to be able to bring on small mini super Os just be consentrating on my SWEET SPOT and dick and do a small contraction! It is so FANTASTIC!!! I can't wait to use my Aneros HELIX again tonight and see if I still have all these wonderfull AFTER EFFECTS tomorrow!
  • RogerRoger
    Posts: 23

    I'm at the point where I can have very powerful Super-Os without using the Helix at all. It's strange. It started right after a very intense session with the Helix during which I must have had 10-12 Super-Os. I removed it without ejaculating and I could still feel the strong internal sensations that the Helix produces. I concentrated on them and , Wham, I had four more Super-Os without the Helix. Since that time, if I concentrate on those feelings--it's almost like I remember them into existance--I can build them and have Super-Os without any outside stimulation. If you feel like it, you might want to try removing then Aneros after an intense session and before ejaculating to see if you can have unassisted Super-Os.

    I actually haven't used the Helix again since that day. I haven't had the private time and I've had a bad cold. I'm going on a short trip tommorow and will have plenty of opportunity to try it again. It should be very interesting!

    Have Fun!
  • biddlemabiddlema
    Posts: 30
    You guys are so lucky...I hope I can reach this level of sexual control and enjoyment at some point in the future. I'm definately working on it...and enjoying every minute of my journey there.

    And Pan, thanks for the info on KSMO!