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My last Maximus session overview
  • ashash
    Posts: 14
    I was given the chance to evaluate the Maximus a few months ago, which I gave a fairly concise overview of to the company, and even wrote a writeup at the time. Unfortunately, I never got very detailed in it because, frankly, I was having unspectacular sessions. They were still good, mind you, and I could really feel the benefits of the Maximus, but I just didn't have the time or... privacy that one of those great sessions requires. I'll learn one of these days.

    Last week, I finally said to myself 'This is it'. I've always believed that you should give yourself a gift every day, no matter how small, and I vowed today's gift was going to be a deserving session. So, after a quick shower, I was off to it.

    Now, some of you may remember my fairly lengthy ongoing thread about my experiences (if you're interested, it's 'A Question: PC Strength' on pg 8). Well, since the last entry, I've created a routine for myself that pretty much gets results every time. Still, I think this routine wouldn't exist or work for me if I hadn't made certain observations and revelations during that period of time. All I know is that now it works.

    It started as any of my sessions start. First and foremost, I simply have to be highly aroused to get results. If I go in there aloof and indifferent, I may as well just do it the old fashioned way. In order to get to that point, I usually do one of two things; 1) good old fashioned porn, and more often 2) getting there mentally. As the Aneros and Super O's hinge on mentality for sucess, I seem to always get better results if I get the mental juices flowing beforehand. At this point, I don't even introduce the Aneros yet. As I arouse myself, mentally, I start with low-level contractions. Usually I may couple this with very light penile stimulation, as I just seem to be one of the few that benefits from it here. The goal here is to warm myself up for the Aneros by achieving at least a small Super O. Sometimes I'll introduce it after I see the first bit of prostatic fluid, but more often, I'll wait for the orgasm. Well, I must've been out of my mind this particular night, because it came on fast and hard. After having two of these, I couldn't wait any longer and brought out the Maximus.

    Now, let me talk a little about the Maximus itself. First of all, the main difference between the Maximus and the MGX standard is the size of the tip. While the bodies are relatively the same, the tip of the Maximus is the same size as the widest point at the base of it or the MGX. Now, for someone who's pretty experienced with anal/prostate stimulation such as myself, this is a blessing. I remember taking it out of the package and thinking 'Now this is more like it!'. Another thing that I personally feel is a plus is the lack of ribbing on the base. I'm sure some like it, but I seem to be pretty sensitive in that area, so the ribbing usually caused a slight bit of irritation every so often. The abutment tab, as has been stated, is the exact same. While it's importance has been stressed since the dawn of the boards, it's never really been an issue with me. Perhaps my 'sweet spot' is large, or it just happens to hit it right as is, because I've never had to mess with it to achieve a Super O. Anyway, back to the session.

    After grabbing the Maximus with zeal, I lubricated it very lightly. I've had problems of the Aneros popping out since the beginning, which can be a real pain when you feel the Super O creeping up, so a small amount of lube goes a long way in my case. As I slip the Maximus in, and let it settle itself, you can immediately feel the difference from the MGX. The larger tip provides for a pretty vigourous prostate workout, and with heavy contractions, can drive you to madness (the good kind). This particular session, I start with low, sustained contractions. Now, over the lengthy period of time I've been doing this (10 months), I've noticed that the kind of contractions I use to reach a Super O focus on two major points; the abdomen, and strangely enough, the back of the thighs. When these two muscles contract, along with the anus, it literally focuses the energy directly into the prostate. Having been as aroused as I was before, and already achieving two Super O's, I felt it building quickly as my body tensed up. This tension pulls the Aneros in with force, and in the case of the Maximus, the stimulation is unbelieveable. This is the crucial stage that usually makes or breaks someones chances at a Super O. Maintaining that level of arousement is tough (at least, by onesself, eh?), but is the absolute key of moving over the edge and into bliss. Think of the nature of arousement itself. The instant you see something arousing or think of that perfect image in your head, you're aroused and you feel the chemicals release... and then it slacks off. What the goal is, or at least mine, is to maintain that level of the initial moment of arousement while the Super O is almost there, so that the orgasm has nowhere to go but up. It's tricky, as is everything related to the human mind, especially concerning sexuality, but it comes with practice. As I once said in an earlier post, it's in a way a submissive approach to the sensations, letting them take you over and going with it to the edge. Flowery and cheesy descriptions aside, it's the name of the game.

    This session was phenomenal, to say the least. I had 4 mostly-continual Super O's with the Maximus, which were staggering in strength. At one point, I almost felt like crying, as the sensations are almost too much to bear. After all this sensation, I was ready to finish off. When doing so, I find that prolonging ejaculation by using very very slow penile stimulation works best. Similar to the Super T bMayfield described in beeline a few months back, I bring myself to the edge of orgasm, but then I use a very heavy version of the contraction I use to achieve a Super O while I ejaculate. This drives the Maximus into the prostate even harder during orgasm, and could very well kill a normal man. Luckily, I am no normal man. Ok, not really, but you get the idea. It's great, end of story.

    Needless to say, this particular session was the best I ever had and has become the benchmark for me personally. After receiving the Maximus, I really don't see myself going back to the MGX anytime soon, as it has just about everything I felt the MGX lacked. Reading some peoples comments has piqued my interest in the Helix, though, but as I'm satisfied with what I have at the moment, I doubt I'll get to using it anytime soon. Anyway, color me once again pleased and astounded.
  • ashash
    Posts: 14
    Just when I think I've reached my pleasure ceiling with this thing, I have an episode that sets a plastic explosive to it (get it??? eh, yeah).

    Not more than half an hour ago, I had the best session do date. I have talked on numerous occasions about having Super O's and even getting to the point where I could have a few of them in succession. In my post above, I indicated that I had four Super O's over about a five to ten minute period. Tonight, on the other hand, was something more powerful entirely.

    One thing that has alawys been a qualm with me, aside from the usuals, was finding a position that was 'right' for me. In the beginning, I had done a few variations of the laying on the side technique which no luck. The same with laying on the stomach. Only when I layed on my back, legs spread, did any sensation revelations occur. Naturally, I've used the same position since and, with time, was able to have Super O's.

    Tonight, on the other hand, I felt like trying something different and decided to use a sitting-up position. To elaborate, the head of my bed rests against the wall. I simply placed a few pillows there and leaned back against them. I then bend my knees, legs spread, and bring my feet together. It's almost a meditative position and is quite comfortable. From here, any amount of bodily tension expelled from the abdomen and below seems to drive the engery directly into the prostate.

    For this session, I once again used the Maximus, which has easily become my weapon of choice over the MGX. From the aforementioned position, I inserted it and simply rested with it inside for a few minutes as I prepared to begin contracting. I used to just dive right into it, but I find that waiting and simply feeling it inside for a while seems to better prepare me and warms up those pleasure receptors. This particular session, after doing my usual light contraction routine for a while, I decided I was going to be more vigorous than usual and basically did a heavy pc contraction and held it. As I hold it, the muscle becomes fatigued easily after a minute and lets go, inducing a rectal contraction. To hold this pc contration longer, I also contract my abdominal muscles with it. At this point, it becomes a back and forth of pc-rectal-pc-rectal contractions, all the while my abdominal muscles are contracted. Amazingly, after only a couple minutes of this, my legs started to shake. At first I thought it was fatigue from the tension, but they weren't aching at all. As I continued my contraction cycle, the tension moved up into my prostate and the familair feeling of the onset of a Super O appeared. Now, most of the time I do some sort of very light penile-glans stimulation to get to this point, but tonight I was merely rubbing the base where the penis meets the scrotum. Pretty soon, I was at the top, and boom, the waves are hitting me fast and furious. I'd never had one hit me this quick. After it subsided, I did my pc contration hold again, and in less than 20 seconds, was at the edge of another. As it started to hit me, I very lightly rubbed the tip of my penis in a circular motion, and that shot me even higher. As I was having this orgasm, the harder I contracted, the more intense it became, and the more intense it became, the harder it made me contract. It was like I became a machine, sustaining a massive cycle of endless, untapped pleasure that only went away when I couldn't stand it anymore and relaxed. Over and Over again I did this, and I'm not sure how many Super O's I racked up over the course of 45 minutes, but it was a hell of a lot more than 4. The 'on' switch was definitely pushed, and I probably could go all night. Yes, it sounds over the top, but describing this without sounding ridiculous is impossible, but it was ridiculous.

    After finishing myself off and removing the Maximus, I got up to go to the bathroom. I found that my legs were still shaking, and I had a rough time standing for a minute. I tell ya, this just gets better and better. I'm still feeling it now, and honestly, I had to pause above in mid-paragraph to try to give myself another one, which I did with little effort. Seriously, if I can repeat tonight every time I have a session, I may start a new religion based around this. Well, not really, but you get what I'm saying. I'm still too excited and endorphined-out to form coherent thought, so I'll just leave it at that. Whew.
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    This may seem like a dumb question, especially at this point, but what does "PC" stand for?