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My Experiences and Methods
  • GeorjGeorj
    Posts: 2
    As someone who is very familiar with physiology, anatomy, and my own body, I have been particularly interested in the Aneros. After a few weeks of experimenting and playing with three models, I have arrived at what I consider a position of some control and predictable results and further development towards further enjoyment.

    To date, I use the MGX, the Helios, and Magmum with varying effects and for variety. Incidentally, I am considering purchasing still other models for the same reason, variety.

    My preparation is conventional, cleaning and lubrications is no different from recommended. As for position, I have experimented more than a bit and discovered that laying on the stomach is preferrable to laying on my side. That was a big one for me. I enjoy free movement with each contraction from this positon superior to laying on my side.

    The biggest development came for me after weeks of training, my sphincter (pc) musculature. I can not contract with control repeatedly and rhythmically for longer periods. I see this as being probably the most important skill that each of us can develop.

    If you are wondering just how long it is going to take to begin enjoying your new toy, that can be answered simply. It will all be defined by how long it takes you to develop your musculature. So work on your contraction control, the old pc squeeze. As you get stronger so will you get closer to the \"Big One\"

  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    I thought so! So it is a PC muscle exerciser, similar to the Gyneflex for women. Very curious about all this.