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  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
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    Jackson kindly uploaded his video here:

    You need to cut-n-paste the link into the browser's location window, BUT PLEASE read these instructions for download first:

    When you click on that link, you'll go to a page with a lot of text ads. In the lower half of the table there are two choices, 'free download' or 'premium download'. If you're reading these instructions here you probably dont have a rapidshare account so choose the 'free download' option.

    Clicking on the 'free download' button takes you to a SECOND page where you wait for about 30-80 seconds (depends on the load they have at that time) for a download link to appear. Wait patiently and don't click away or despair -- the link *will* appear.

    When it appears finally, click on the link and then you can save the file to your disk.

    Hope this helps! I'm also hoping that the mods here (are there any moderators? HELLO?) will close or discard that previous Aneros video thread.

    Please only use this thread for comments on the actual video.

    I'll be saving the video on several different computers this time so I'll probably have a copy and can re-upload if rapidshare \"loses\" its copy..

  • Edit
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    since gmail accounts are given out by handfulls now, log into gmail with aneros1 and message1 as the login/password. The video is available for download (or better yet, email it to yourself from there)

    obviously, don't change the password, let the community use the resource!
  • Edit
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    Wow thats an idea :) Use gmail as file storage... WOW! :)
  • Edit
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    Brilliant! Thanks very much for posting this :)