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It worked but need advice
  • After a month of trying it is now working, but it doesn't last. What am I doing wrong?

    The aneros pulses inside me and I loose control with my body spasming and involuntarily arching with awesome & intense feelings. I automatically hold my breath and the aneros literally shoots out of my arse. The problem is that it lasts only 30 seconds, how can I get it to last longer and have the aneros driving in & out of me?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Congratulations on your success thus far. With regard to keeping the Aneros driving in and out... of you, this brings up a popular misconception regarding the movement of the Aneros. The fact is, that with successful Super O technique the excursion of the device (the distance that it moves outward relative to the opening of your anus) can be fairly small. Many anal vets have assumed that the Aneros must be worked vigorously (in a similar manner as one might with a vibrator or dil) to produce results. This can't be farther from the truth, in reality it is an economy of movement that brings about real results.

    To be sure the Aneros does move as a result of involuntaries and such, and large scale contractions can bring about larger scale movement of the unit. However, the movement required to set up the self stimulating (positive feedback loop) phenomenon that generates the Super O is not necessarily a large scale enterprise. So it's normally a better idea to focus on creating sensation rather than the movement of the unit in any particular way. Let that part of it take care of itself. This is one reason I've suggested in the past that people consider using visualization as a means for shaking things up. Often times visualization can free one from becoming too fixed in their approach. For instance as you contract your anus close your eyes and think of opening yourself up to sensation. Become anally vulnerable...suck sensation into your body and when you hold your contraction, instead just think about holding on to the sensation. Ride the pleasure wave and increase its amplitude by tossing small contractions at it...remembering that timing is everything. (Harmonic motion...a playground swing...small amounts of force applied in phase increase the magnitude..) Mix it up a bit. Have fun with it.

    Remove the specifics and convert to ambiguities oblique strategy

    BF Mayfield

    P.S, I like bearing down (rectal contraction) and anally contracting at the same time...the compatible mental image for this one is one of...concentrating the sensation