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The "Super O...
  • Dear all,

    I am curious if I am fully experiencing the orgasms possible with the aneros.

    Last night I used it, and after warming up for about an hour of contractions contractions, began feeling the itch of pleasure starting in my prostate and growing outwards into my body. This gradually became more intense and more and more pleasurable, my body shaking and moaning, with the feeling of falling, but somehow never falling all the way into that "body-less, mindless" fall of conventional orgasm...This lasted about half an hour and was very pleasurable, whereafter I eventually masturbated my cock into a "wet" orgasm, which of course is not really comparable to orgasms without the aneros.

    My question is: The "dry" orgasm everyone speaks of with the aneros, do we actually fall into the current of the orgasm instead of staying at the brink? I have read people saying that the dry orgasms always make you want more. I am assuming we fall into the pleasure wave, and will continue using it to find out.

    Thanks for any input...
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    If the question you're asking is, is there a release with the Super O, the answer is...yes, definitely! It's characterized by an intense surging peak of sensation, but... there is not the precipitous drop-off of arousal that typifies the traditional orgasm. Nor does one experience the almost sedative lethargy that accompanies a traditional orgasm. Why? Because these factors are by-products of the 'ol refractory period (the physiological process that follows an ejaculation where arousal is lost). Following a Super O, one remains in the plateau phase from which additional orgasms can generated. One will also find an ejaculation following a Super O a much enhanced experience also....the Super O totally primes your'll clean you out! (See Fleshjoe's post Did I have a Super O? for a description).

    BF Mayfield
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    Just wanted to add that its nearly impossible to refrain from an ejaculator orgasm after having a super-O, at least for me. It's like your body is *screaming* for release.

    Added bonus: you sleep like a baby after one of these sessions... can you say total wipe out? :)