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Did I have a super-O?
  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
    Posts: 115
    I think I may have had a very mild super-O last night with the SGX. I got a huge enormous raging incredible humungous (you get the idea :) ) hardon and incredible pleasure shoots in my penis head. It caused a very strong contraction with lots of pleasure abdominally and in my perinium and dick, lasting for about 2 minutes. It was like being suspended at right before the moment you cum. Then it receded. I was able to create one lesser peak like that, then got tired. Then I finished up with the most intense super-T ever, it was so much and with such force, I've never had it like that even when I was 20ish. I'm 50 now :)

    Also, I think my body is telling me its time for a break. My body needs to integrate what it learned during the last week of use during the three sessions I had.

  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
    Posts: 115
    P.S. for those wondering what led to this success, I was on my back, knees raised and feet flat on the bed. Pillow in the small of my back, and the SGX inserted all the way with the perinium tab pushed back as I described in another thread here. It was after about 30 minutes of use, while I was rocking my hips sideways and also a bit back and forth like when you're penetrating a woman's vagina. I was really surprised by how strong the contraction and pleasure was, it knocked the air right out of me and left me breathless and sweating and shaking.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Hey Joe,

    Congrats! Sounds like the real deal to me! As you gain more experience with this you'll be able to tune it in again and again. You think you're breathless now...just wait.

    It only gets better

    BF Mayfield
  • Hey Joe........congratulations, I envy you!!!