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Trekking with an aneros?
  • Hi!

    For various reasons I have rarely the opportunity to use the aneros at home and have not yet achieved a Big O.

    In a few weeks I will be going alone on a trekking trip. I was wondering what would happen if I were to insert the aneros at the beginning of a day's walking and keep it there for all or most of the day. Would it facilitate my learning curve? Would it procure any pleasure? Or would I just end up with a sore ass?

    Has anyone any experience in this field? If so, I would be very grateful to hear from you!
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    > what would happen

    ... Sore ass :)
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    I'm with Joe on this one! I know there are some who have written before on taking the Aneros for an outing! I don't like discouraging anybody from exploration, but frankly I don't think that this will forward you in any way with respect to your quest for the Super O. Furthermore, continuous, vigorous massage on the prostate (such as your describing over a protracted period of time) can actually have the opposite effect, resulting in a desensitization of the area, which is not what you're looking for. (Sore too.. eventually)

    BF Mayfield