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  • After studying all the products on this site I decided to order the Helix, based on the comment:

    "Destined to become the new standard because it requires less patience and practice to realize benefits"

    Patience, patience . . . I have been reading many of the forum's keep on going articles and tried many of the recommendations, until I relized, that there is a lot of conflicting information here.

    1. I ordered the Helix from this website. It has been confirmed with an email from the "High Island Health" site:

    2. The "High Island Health" site does not offer the Helix at all, and has a separate forum. If it is the same company, why a separate forum?

    3. Then there is the issue of the Helix's lower base, which has a very small diameter. If fixated on, it does not allow the device to "float" freely. There are no instructions anywhere (none came with it) on where to engage it - at the smaller diameter or above.

    4. Being unsatisfied with this device, I wanted to order another one, which might work better. Now this site, and the site that actually ships it have different models. I have 4 new beginner models to choose from. They are: PS2, PSNEW, SGX, MGX.

    5. Then there is the obvious private label British site with it's models, and who knows what other models are out there which I did not find yet. Which beginner can make an informed decision on what to order in this chaos?

    6. Then there is no video on how to use it. Not a single diagramm about the optimum starting position. After trying the Helix I realize, there is something behind this thing. That is why I am willing to try another one. However the instructions and directions to use leave a lot to desire. It is worse than being a virgin - In that case at least you can find a partner who can show you how it goes. Here - there is no partner, no reliable instructions, no technical drawings and no video. It is like the Wright Brothers - we have to learn to fly on our own.

    Please someone try to make it easier for us beginners.

    Thank you.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    High Island Health (HIH) is the manufacturer of the Aneros and Prostate massagers. They also own and operate the website. Yes these are one in the same. It's really a matter of marketing; High Island is aimed chiefly at the health and wellness market whereas the Aneros is more sexually centered. High Island sells the PS New which is you'll see referred to as the Aneros Classic on this site. The PS2 is the same as the SGX. In addition, Aneros also sells the Next Generation models as well.

    With regard to your question about the Helix, the unit is not designed such that you should insert it all the way down to the last notch. If you did insert it that far, the abutment arm and tab would effectively push it back out. But before you dismiss the Helix, I strongly urge you to give it more time. If you've read through the forum at all you will have found out that the process of crossing -over to the Super O is not an overnight endeavor (at least for most people). The learning curve can range from weeks to months. Is it worth it? You bet! Again, don't jump ship on the Helix, in my opinion it is an EXCELLENT model for beginners. Give it time! There is a wealth of information in this forum and in BEE LINE in particular...but frankly you must be willing to work at it. That is, do some reading, and try to implement suggestions. Find out what works for you. Play with it and above all have fun!

    Keep at it!

    BF Mayfield
  • Dear Mayfield,

    Thank you for your respectfull personal reply, and for explaining the issues behind the pages we see - despite my negative posting.

    Your message impacted three areas.

    First - Now I know how to use the Helix. Why is it not documented anywhere?

    Second - Why does the Helix have the small diameter ending, if it is not supposed to be used?

    Third - I realize that I must have ordered the wrong item again, the PSNEW which is equivalent to the Classic. It must be obsolete, since it is not displayed as an individual item in the "All Items" section anymore. If there is a new generation, there must be a reason for it - making the old generation outdated. Why is it still being sold on the other site?

    As a suggestion: A picture is worth a thousand words - Please consider demonstrating the different variants with a diagramm - where they work, how they act.

    On the Video issue, consider posting a very technical video, depicting only the local topic, for example a Super O in a close up only. This would provide us with the necessary information without having you to post xrated footage about someone actually doing it.

    Another suggestion would be to post only a few images about the optimal positions for us, beginners.

    Finally, which model is the best suited for beginners?

    Looking forward to your kind answers.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    With respect to the notch at the base of the Helix, where I don't feel that it is functional as a means to anchor the massager per se, it is possible that there is some anal contact with it. So from a perspective of obtaining stimulation from it, it may indeed be functional.

    In regards to the PSNEW, in the world of anal stimulators I'm not sure that there is such a thing as obsolete ! These newer devices simply reflect ongoing research and development that is aimed at meeting different needs. Besides, the MGX Classic (PSNEW) has been and continues to be one of my favorite Aneros'. (Although I did perform some modifications on mine that have made it so). Again, regardless of which model you go with, you have to put some time into it. Invest in success!

    Which are the best units for beginners? Once you have the PS New (you already have the Helix), you will have them both.

    Thanks for your suggestions. I will consider them carefully. I am currently in the process of development of my own website dedicated the Super Orgasm and it is possible that I will be able to implement some of these once I'm up and running.


    BF Mayfield
  • Thank you for your suggestions and comments - Cheers to you too.

    There are several issues where I am yet uninformed.

    One of them is, that the Helix tends to slip all the way in eventually, fixating on the smallest diameter at the end. The most successfull position is lying on my back, with my legs staight, slightly apart. This initaites short involuntaries, but I am unable to keep them.

    If my body starts twitching, should I let it happen? Should I encurage it or suppress it? Is the twitching part of the unvoluntareies, or are the unvoluntaries only limited to the local region of stimulation?

    Today the classic arrived. It had a bigger effect than the Helix so far. However I experienced some minor pain in some positions at the extreme inner end of the device. Could it be too long for me? (I am 6'4")

    How often is relubing recommended? Just after a few minutes I perceive an adhesion of the device despite using the recommended ID material.

    Anyone's comments and suggestions are welcome.
  • KalashKalash
    Posts: 20
    Tryhard - VERY VERY doutful that it's too large for you.

    I've only had a little experience with the Aneros so far, but trust me on just about anything else... the bigger the better... at least once it's inside.

    There's all kinds of opinions going around about this... the bigger they are the less hard they can get... Well... ok... one opinion... I don't remember the others..

    I've had experiences where someone (around 9 inches) was a very comfortable fit... yet another experience (someone around 5 inches... god... I feel like a slut now :-/) was VERY uncomfortable.

    Ah.. that was the other opinion... the smaller they are the harder they try.... the more the poke... (think of a pin pressing into your finger... now a pencil eraser... the smaller it is the more it hurts...)


    I would say that it's hitting a spot for you that is very sensitive for some reason. It may be pressing against your prostate... or it could be something else. I don't know...
    My advice is to stop if it gets uncomfortable or hurts. If it hurts it hurts for a reason...

    Length rarely has anything to do with comfort, and I seriously doubt that the aneros is large enough to be causing any SIZE discomfort. While moving up in sizes takes time and practice, people into fisting don't have health problems related to their fetishes (at least none that any of them discussed with me while purchasing 14+ inch dildos greater than 3 inches in diameter) so I don't think the size of the aneros... coming in at 10 under than and less than 1/3 the girth will be doing you any harm.

    General rule... if it hurts, stop... reposition... if it still hurts... stop... come back to it. If it STILL hurts, don't do it, or seek someone with more knowlege (like a Dr.) about what kind of effects your actions should be having on you.

    Hope that helped, and didn't just gross you out. Sorry if it did.