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enhanced sensations from aneros
  • After reading the post about putting a condom over the aneros I tried something similair.I got a disposable latex glove and lubed up the inside of the index finger within which I inserted the aneros body.I inserted the abutement tab inside the thumb this time not lubricated.I then tidied up the rest of the fingers so they did not get in the way.I then lubed up the outside of the index finger which the aneros body was inserted in and popped it in my pre lubed anus.I found that the sensations appeared to be way more intense and the latex around the abutement tab gripped my perineum acupressure spot far better within ten minutes I was enjoying a very smooth and blissful super o the sensations were fantastic.I have tried this several times and it definately seems to be far more intense than the aneros alone,you can make little ridges out of the glove all over the aneros body which acts as subtle ribbing giving more internal stimulation(to do this insert the aneros in the glove as described but dont lube it, that way the ridges you make out of the glove stay where you put them)I would bi interested to hear what you think,give it a go and let the rest of the forum know if it worked for you it does for me.Good luck.