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No Risk, Reversible Modification Techique For The Abutement
  • Hi Everyone,

    It occured to me that instead of bending the Abutement Tab (AT), the same result could be obtained by adding mass to the top and front of it. I decided that I wanted a way to do this, that was easily done, and could be increased or decreased easily without risking damage / destruction of the AT.

    I decided on using melting candle wax ! Works great. It sticks fine, can be molded while still warm, and can be easily added to or lessened. You can also wrap it in easily removed tape ..... to get a knobby effect and to keep it from slipping and sliding off the G spot. Any removal can be done using very hot water. No risk of melting the AT.

    Also chilling the Aneros prior to the waxing technique helps set the melting wax on impact.

    I have noticed a distinct improvement in both placement and stability of the AT !!! Also effectiveness of the Aneros.

    Give this a try if you have been thinking of modifying the AT but were worried of breaking it.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Although this doesn't address the issue of abutment position (vertical), it does work on affording more pressure. I must give it a shot.

    Interesting idea!

    BF Mayfield