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Ribbed condom + Aneros = My first super orgasm
  • I've been using the aneros once or twice a week for over 3 months now, but i've never had an experience like the one I had today when I used a ribbed condom and the aneros. I had my first hands free orgasm and if it wasn't a super-o then i don't know what is b/c this was mindblowing.

    Here's what I did: I lubed inside of a ribbed condom and slipped it over the aneros and then lubed the outside. Also, to prevent the condom from coming off inside me, I stretched the open end of the condom around the handle (not hte perinium tab, but the hande that curves downward). THen, I put the thing inside like normal and went to town.

    There are a lot of advantages to using this ribbed condom method. FIrst of all, the ribbing feels really nice. Secondly, the aneros slides around a lot more b/c not only is it moving around within the condom, but the condom itself is sliding in and out too. SO, there's a lot more stimulation going on. Thirdly, it's a lot less messy at the end - just throw away the condom and the aneros isnt hard to clean off.

    One other point: My positioning is totally different than the one recommended on this website. I lay down on my stomach and start contracting my butt in a fast and rhythmic motion. That is by far the best way to get stimulation. Then, I combine this with pelvic thrusts and it is totally amazing. It's like your fucking and being fucked at the same time (even though I was not doing anything to my dick during this). After about a minute of this, I felt a wave like I'd never felt before and I knew I was on to something different. It was like I was on ecstacy and in the middle of a threesome - a completely different feeling than anything i'd expericed before. Eventually, I had a hands free orgasm, which was one of the most amazing in my life. It really felt like a full body orgasm.

    Overall, I highly recommend this method and would like to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    What brand of condoms are you using? I'm curious, if the ribs are really a factor or not (with many of the so-called ribbed condoms the "ribs" are so small or so slightly raised as to not make much of a difference. Secondly, it would seem that the condom would slow down the Aneros (by adding resistance) this not the case? What do you think?

    BF Mayfield
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    I tried that also and it seemed to heighten the sensations, dont know why but it was way more intense this time with the condom..interesting learning curve..
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    I have tried this and think that it inhibits the sphincter-driven ribbed mechanism. Have lot less pre-cum and little if any good sensations after an hour.