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  • I have been cycling between the MGX and the Heilix for about two weeks. The MGX give me the right type of pressure inside and at times begins to give a tingle like an internal tickling, but never gets to a very big feeling. I get remendus pressure with I think its the spoon or the piece which bites into just under the scrodum. I can only take about an hour before taking it out. The Heilix feels much better on the outside, but doesn't give the same responses internally as the MGX for me at this point.
    I've been looking through the Forum. My question is, if I was to modify the tail or the handle part by taking off the 2 1/4 inch of the handle, I've read about, would that create less pressure with the piece under the scrodum ???? Plus, don't want to experiment and have it not workable.
    I know this will work for me.
    Thanks being there and guidance for me.