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First Try with the Helix
  • GeorjGeorj
    Posts: 2
    Okay, I am a butt slut. I am definitely into pleasuring my butt/anus so I know where and how, as well as what I like. First try with the MGX and I knew that it was just not hitting the right spot. I think the forward angle of the MGX is sufficient for someone who has a much larger prostate than my own which is not very prominent. How do you compare? Good question. If the MGX does it for you, go no further. If not, it might be a good idea to try one of the other models. That is, after all why they evolved, even though I have found no information or detail on the specific traits of the individual models. Some how I get the impression that we are the chash test dummies for the company.

    I learned a long time ago how to reach my prostate with my thumb. If you have tried this or if you do you will find it a bit challenging, but it is possible. With my thumb I am able to firmly massage that almond shaped organ to get the desired response, but it is fatiguing.

    Visualizing the shape of the Helix in relationship to my anatomy, I attempted to analyze the possiblity for successfully hitting it. I took a chance, ordered the Helix, it arrived this weekend and I could not wait to give it a test ride.

    I am not dissappointed. The Helix does make the contact I expect. Now I am ready to discover just what this little toy is capable of.

    As for the kind of sensations I am experiencing, I can tell via anal contractions that it does massage as it should, where it should. My previous experience kind of kills the need to wait until the sphincter relaxes, so I move rather quickly to gentle contrations. Almost immediately the pleasurable sensations begin.

    I am really enjoying the leisurely approach to an orgasmic experience and look forward to further experimentation.

    I am still curious about the Maximus. Might give it a try soon.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I'm currently in the process of evaluating all of the Next Gen units (Eupho, Helix, Maximus) and will be posting my observations here and at my own website in the next several weeks (hopefully in time for the general release). I plan to do an A - Z review of all of the units SGX, MGX Classic, MGX and Next Gen units. As the product line increases in number it may leave some wondering which one(s) to buy. I believe that I have some tips that may be helpful to Aneros vets as well as prospective buyers in this regard.

    In a preliminary way, I can tell that I've used the Helix myself for the last several weeks and am very pleased as well with this unit. There is no question but that it affords greater prostate contact than some others in the product line (although some may find it more than necessary). I really like the new abutment tab too (better for modification if needed). In general all of these Next Gen units are more specialized in their design than the previous models. Where the MGX had more of a one size fits all approach to it, the Eupho, Helix and Maximus seem geared to more specific needs.

    More soon,

    BF Mayfield

    P.S. Prelim. on Maximus: fuller feel and fit BUT not as mobile or agile as other models. I believe that I have a workaround for this issue and am still testing it out. (If you can hold off I'll have some more detailed info. on this coming up shortly)