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OK, I took the plunge...
  • Talos4Talos4
    Posts: 1
    ,,,and ordered the Helix Holiday Kit thing. I wanted to have the two sizes. Should be here in a week or two.

    I'm at least going into this knowing I can have a prostate orgasm. I have been subbing to a local domina for a couple months now, and have gone through strap-on training. So I'm a basically straight guy who comfortably enjoys anal pleasure, to say the least. Any mental barriers have long since been, er, pounded away.

    A couple weeks ago, Mistress gave me a light prostate massage with her finger, and after about 30 seconds I felt an orgasmic sensation coming on that eventually spread all through my genitals, and finally reached as high as my stomach and as low as my knees. She let me enjoy this endless orgasm for about a minute. It really is like nothing you have ever felt before.

    So I know I can do it. ;-) Wish me luck. Further updates as events warrent.