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What the HELL was that?????
  • My fourth attempt with the aneros, and it scared the fool out of me.

    I proceeded much by the prescribed guidelines. I had been focused on the PC muscle twitch, contractions and tried to subdue the glut, thigh, leg quivers. I finally let myself ride the bigger muscle quivers. Eventually, I started feeling a tingling in my upper left shoulder, followed by similar sensations in my scalp. Then I started noticing that my left hand was spasming into a prolonged, almost paralysed contraction. I am a pianist, and the spasm was very similar I think to a condition called focal dystonia, where the hands involuntarily cramp into a semi-clenched fist with straight fingers.

    I thought, maybe this is part of the tension/release of orgasm. The spasm, paralysis intensified, and the right hand began to do the same thing. The sensation spread to my face, and soon, my face was contorted into the "O" face. The paralysis got more and more intense and slightly painful. I kept thinking, just hold it a bit longer and maybe I'll get that "Super-O." After 2 or 3 minutes, the contractions got more and more intense and painful. I got scared, and could barely move enough to get the Aneros out.

    My body stayed paralysed in a permanent contraction for a good 5 minutes, and it took a good 30-45 minutes to unclench my hands.

    Is this all part of getting to the Super-O? Or was I on the verge of a "Cataclysmic-O?"
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    I've never experienced sensations nor have I ever read any comments (in my 2 and half years of following this forum) from any other user that are consistent with what you have described. Let me be clear, the Super O is not a painful paralysis or a whole body charley horse but a whole body orgasm. That is, it is a truly pleasurable experience! Can you pull or strain muscles in the process? Certainly. At times I've contorted myself and held my body in positions that I wouldn't have thought possible, so occasionally one muscle group or another calls for a time out . But the truth is, these are only very infrequent side effects, not predominating sensations. I am not a doctor, but I would caution you against going any further with your exploration until you determine precisely what triggers this response. It hard for me to believe that the Aneros' mere presence would intiate this. Check your body positioning and the type of breathing that you employ. Again, this is not a precursor to a Super O.

    Take care

    BF Mayfield
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    Sounds like you might have hyperventilated. If you get too much oxygen in your blood stream, you will get tingly and your muscles will lock up until your oxygen levels out.