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feel no difference
  • i cant seem to get this thing to work if i hold it really hard the i can start to feel the small spasms but that is it i need some good fool proof tips.this aneros has me really interested and i know theres more out there that it does so if anyone has any really good tips it would be much greatful
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Fool Proof Tips??? One technique that works for EVERYONE? In so far as I know (and I've been searching for it for several years now) there is not one pathway to the Super O, but many. But do NOT let this discourage you in the least. Take the Sensual Journey and find your way. This journey calls for self discovery, openess and patience and is tremendously rewarding in and of itself.

    This forum contains a wealth of information from many users who have found success in a variety of ways. I strongly urge you to check out BEE LINE to begin with and thereafter comb through the forum proper. Read and then go on and explore. Have fun.


    BF Mayfield