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Aneros marketing (fun)
  • sethseth
    Posts: 8
    Just noticed two fun, misleading, typical marketingly statements on this website.
    I do like this toy. Hell, I just ordered an MGX to add to my classic Aneros. Still this should be fun to those who have not read the site in full by directly jumping into the non-searchable forum.

    Number 1:

    This dynamic inter-action between the voluntary and involuntary muscular contractions is important in achieving hands-free ejaculation.

    Okay, hands-free glans ejaculation *maybe* but not penile ejaculation as this suggests. Notice, the statement does not lie.

    Number 2:

    These orgasms require no high skill or training. It is mostly a physical phenomenon- just like when you pinch your skin you feel pain- when you insert Aneros Massager into your anus and contract your sphincter either voluntarily or involuntarily, you will feel pleasure and reach orgasm. Although the experience can be enhanced by mental exercises, orgasm can be achieved on a purely physical level with the Aneros Massager. Climax is unavoidable;

    Nice one! Not much to add to this.
    I have yet to see a toy with a higher learning curve than this one. Climax unavoidable... hilarious!

    Of course I realize this kind of gibberish is probably necessary to market this toy.
  • supportsupport
    Posts: 232
    Dear Seth:

    Glad to see that you are taking a humorous approach to everything here. That's important!Hopefully a short explanation will benefit everyone reading out there.

    Actually, the pursuit of the Dream Orgasm or Super-O has probably gotten a little out of hand. Enabling users to achieve this extreme orgasm is not specifically the purpose of our prostate massagers. The primary purpose is to improve and / or enhance urological function, which is most easily measured in terms of urinary, erectile, or orgasmic function, or a diminution of pain in cases where pain is present. In reading through all of the information and testimonials on these massagers, I am certain that you must have found many reports attesting to all of the above benefits resulting from use of the massagers. We have, of course, posted a number of the more dramatic and well-written testimonials and often omitted some of the vague or less detailed ones because messages like \\\"Thanks! It works great.\\\" don't really provide much in terms of helping other users. It is also true that people who have the best experiences are more thankful and appreciative and expressive in their testimonials. Of course the forum is also available to express discontent and has proven to be an important resource for those seeking advice. We hopethat this trend continues and we hope to better improve and better catalogue some of the more specific details / discussions as much as possible. If you look at the Bee-Line, you will (hopefully) see that this is being implemented there.

    Regarding your specific jibes at the marketing (taken in good humor), most of that information was originally written by the inventor - taking into account personal experience and written reports submitted by others - many of whom were extremely happy with the massagers. I would say that the Unavoidable Climax line needs revision, but the rest is definitely true - just not for evryone. Again, remember that the range of experiences will vary, and you yourself note in another thread that you have to remove the massager during ejaculation to prevent feelings that are too intense.

    Nevertheless, thank you for writing in to share your experiences, and please let us know how your new MGX compares to your older model, which is now called the Aneros Classic and is still available in the Volcano Pak.