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Using the aneros manually to stimulate prostate
  • kmlvkmlv
    Posts: 1
    I've tried the aneros the way it's supposed to be used many times. I enjoyed the feelings a lot. A few times I felt like I was getting somewhere with it, but it was so fragile and if I moved or lost my focus for a second it all fell apart. It got to be kind of frustrating. The last time I did it I tensed up so much during it that my lower back was sore for days. I haven't tried it "your" way since.

    I'm pretty into my butt, so it's not an issue of the toy being "weird" for me, or anything.

    In fact, I tried it a few times using the aneros more like a dildo, holding it by the little handle and working it against my prostate and REALLY got somewhere with it, a real feeling of orgasm building up inside. So far I haven't been able to cum this way, but I feel it building and I think I can do it. I'm able to really move it vigorously when I want to this way.

    Usually I work it like this until I feel like I'm about to cum and it subsides and returns (etc) and then when I can't take anymore I finish myself off with my hand - normally I'm rock hard. The feeling of cumming with that thing in there is pretty amazing.

    I want to try it again the "right" way soon, but I'm worried it will be a frustrating waste of time or worse I'll end up hurting again.
  • it seems to me if your back is tensing up you aren't following the directions very well. i suggest you read them over again, and relax fully, so you almost can't feel it in there. then, start very slowly, and stay relaxed. if your back is tensing up, you aren't very relaxed.