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Mind Shattering
  • My wife went to visit her parents and after 20 years of the same old masterbation I wanted to find a new stimulus or toy to entertain myself while she is gone. I have been slightly curious about anal stimulation since I was in college and studied human anatomy. With so many nerve bundles in that area, it seemed a shame not to at least explore the options. I started searching online for something. First, I looked at anal beads and various small dildos. Then, I came across Aneros on an adult toy web page and was very curious. I typed the name into a search engine and found this webpage. After reading every word on this site I decided this was the device I must try. At this point I haven't had sex in a week and I was so horny I couldn't wait to mail order Aneros. I was meeting friends in the evening in Los Angeles so I thought I would go a little earlier and pick Aneros up at one of the stores in the "How to Buy" list. I was really excited to get home, but first I was going out to the clubs to hang out with my friends. At about 4 AM I left for home. I wanted to really set the mood as recommended by the site. I lit a few candles, put on relaxing music, took a hot shower and thouroughly cleansed myself. I also purchased an anal douche while at the store. I wasn't really happy about this part and must admit it ended up being the worste part of the whole experience, but now I am glad I did it and think this is a very important step. (I am in no way gay, but purchasing that at the store I was extremely embarrassed and could not wait for the cashier to stick it in the bag so no other customers would see me with it!)
    After the shower, I laid on my bed on my right side. I extended my left leg up to my stomach. I thouroughly lubed up and smoothered the Aneros in thick gobs of KY. (Also extremely embarrassing to purchase as this is associated with only one behavior.)
    I slowly inserted Aneros and had a slight difficult time at first then once it was in far enough it basicaly went in by itself. I was certain to make sure the abutmemt was centered. To make myself more comfortable I used another pillow under my raised leg to support it so I wasn't twisted.
    At frist it kind of burned and thought that maybe I did not have enough lube. I laid still for a few minutes trying to relax, but could not wait 15 to 20 like recommended. I concentrated on breathing slowly and slightly contracting each time. This went on for about five minutes. I also felt various sensations of excessive pressure and the feeling of needing to use the bathroom. I centered my thoughts on what I was feeling and the strangeness, but stimulating sensations.
    Suddenly, I felt like I was not doing the contracting manually anymore. Also the intensity and length of the contractions was increasing rapidly. I also felt like I was starting to get a much stiffer erection. About this time, I realized I was moaning loudly and uncontrolably. I bit into my blanket to avoid waking my neihbor. (I live in a condo.) The initial burning sensation turned very warm and washed over my body. My nerves errupted into electrifying pulses. I could not believe what was happening to me. I rolled over onto my back and started thrusting my hips down into the bed. The contractions were long and hard and lasted minutes on end. I quickly glanced at the clock. I had just had a fifteen minute orgasm!!!
    I also quickly realized I had a lot of control over the situation. I could continue or relax and let the feelings subside. I chose to relax and laid there for five to ten minutes. The nerves in my arms and legs were electric and buzzing to the point of numbness. I rolled over onto my side again and started the breathing exercise all over. Within minutes I was exploding again. Only minutes after inserting the Aneros I was wrapped in two mind numbing orgasms which lasted a total of 30 minutes. The most amazing thing however was the lack of desire to masterbate. I had no urge whatsoever! Today, I feel completely satisfied and like I had the most mind blowing sex of my life. I thought last night I would not use it again until tomorrow to let my body recover, but I do not see how I can not indulge myself the most unbelieveable pleasure I have ever experienced.
    I hope this helps anyone not realizing this tools potential. I think the key is relaxation, not rushing or forcing anything and the breathing/contracting technique described on this website.
    Good luck!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Great post and congratulations on your results! I just wanted to mention, that I myself purchased the Aneros at the same location some years ago, and there is really no reason to be embarrassed around any of the staff at that store...they've seen it all! You should know that they have a large straight clientele too. For future reference, you can buy KY Jelly just about or drug store, and know this; it's standard issue gear if you have an infant around the house, (which is what many clerks will assume when you buy it). If you really want to throw them off track you can always ask for a infant medicine dropper (normally offered free of charge from the pharmacist) which can also be used for prelubricating if you so desire with a thinner type lubricant like ID Glide, WET or Astroglide.


    BF Mayfield

    P.S. Keep on posting!
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    I'm baffled. The most common use for KY is for lubrication during heterosexual sex. Many women do not produce enough lubrication to make sex comfortable, especially if condoms are used. So unless there is a stigma involved with having sex, I'm rather confused about the reluctance. If it's really an issue, lubricants can be bought at and shipped directly to you.

    Actually as far as lubes go I would think Albolene would make the best lube for the Aneros. Albolene is unsuitable for sex because it is oil-based and breaks down condoms, but that's not an issue with this situation. It doesn't dry out and it's also inexpensive--Albolene is a makeup remover. Of course, a man might be even more embarrassed to buy makeup remover than an official lubricant. :)
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Albolene is a lubricant popularized by the adult film industry. As you pointed out, it is an oil based product and its' chief constituents are petrolatum, mineral oil and paraffin (wax). The problem is that oil based products can be more readily absorbed into the skin than the water based counterparts and as a result some individuals may have a reaction to them, i.e. soreness or irritation. In so far as I know, none of the personal lubricants are truly hypo allergenic, but I believe that the glycerin (water) based products are better suited for most people in this regard. Add to this that clean-up is far easier with the water based products and the choice is pretty simple. But hey, if the oil works for you.. all the power to you! Just my two cents.

    With respect to embarrassment at the check stand, good point about lube and traditional sex. Still and all, there are many men (and some women I would suspect), that don't want to telegraph their sexual predilections to an 80 year old checker who just happens to look like ones grandma. You're right,... it all pretty silly really.

    BF Mayfield
  • I remember the days I was embarrassed to buy anything... even shaving cream or deodorant because they were signs that you'd breeched "puberty". OH MY GOD!!!!

    Since then, I don't really give a s!!! what I buy. I just take cash (as opposed to a check or debit card) so it "streamlines" the checkout. Now I can buy anything... condoms, lube, enema kit, adult diapers (for the occasional baby play) and not give much thought to it.

    (Almost) everyone has sex drive, (almost) everyone goes through puberty, (almost) everyone masturbates, (almost) everyone has sex. We're an ANIMAL for hell's sake!

    Unless you live in a pretty small town, chances are the clerk won't give you a second glance. Think about it, there's dozens of other people every week that buy lube or condoms or whatever. They wouldn't stock them on the shelf if there wasn't a considerable market for them. It's all part of the job. Go in, grab what you need, pay for it, and forget about it.

    Even if they think, "He's having sex!" or "He's a homo!" or "He has a baby!", or "He's sticking something up his ass!", who gives a fuck? They don't pay your bills. Fuck 'em!