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Newbie questions
  • wjwj
    Posts: 2
    1) Is it okay to use the Aneros after taking Levitra?

    2) What about these Japanese prostate massagers as can be seen on the web...they look somewhat wicked.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I have no information on using the Aneros with any medications.

    However, with respect to your second question; I have indeed seen some of the other products that purport to be prostate massagers that are available on Japanese websites. They appear to fall into two categories; 1) Knock-off products (of inferior quality) that are intended to imitate the form and function of the Aneros (or Enemagra as it's known overseas) and 2) Bizarre designs that have as much functionality and actual utility as a French Tickler. From what I can gather having corresponded with users who have some knowledge of the Japanese market, such devices are sought out for there appearance in as much (if not more) as their function. In this way it's more of a curiosity, or a conversation piece (I think I'd prefer a decent coffee table book myself). As a practical matter, I can't conceive of inserting some of these odd shaped devices and deriving any pleasure from them.

    Be aware however, that authentic Aneros product is available in Japan as well.

    B Mayfield