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almost "whooopeee"
  • geezergeezer
    Posts: 18
    Forthose who may be getting discourged, I have been
    using since August with no super O, however, this
    evening I had for the first time the actual commencement of
    some awesome fantastic orgasmic "getaway"
    Got maybe 10 seconds into it and was so surprised that I guess
    I backed off.
    The big surprise here was that I am in my early sixties and had
    an ejactulation 2 nights ago was not expecting any results
    other than some usual very pleasant feelings. Had shower and lay down to relax as usual, I do not pre-lube anymore, rather just enough for easy insertion, laid on my side to start and after 10 mins of relaxion turned onto my back with legs bent up and pillow under my back, very small contractions along with breathing and started to really feel "the heat"
    in the pit of my stomach, as I relaxed and re-contracted the intensity increased and after about 10 mins of this I felt I was just inside the gate but backed out.
    Tried to get back there and came very very close but no cigar (yet)
    decided to give it a rest for a while and re-compose my mind so that I may be able to return to the gate easier next time. Believe me, the feeling was intensly erotically sexually orgasmic and just got a glimpse what it might be like if experienced the "works"
    Dont give up...and dont try too hard, its difficult to break the penile dependency for orgasms, but it will a while before I masturbate again!!!!!
    I have also discovered that the contractions can start on their own after insertion and one does not need to work to hard on that area.
  • supportsupport
    Posts: 232
    Dear Geezer:

    Congratulations on your progress. It is always great to hear when someone has made definite strides towards their goal.

    To address an earlier concern of yours about us not attending the forum enough, I would just like to say that we DO try to address any questions that may not be covered by other users, or that have not been adressed extensively elsewhere. Also, since the Aneros involves a personal learning curve and development of an individual technique along the way, it seems to be beneficial to encourage greater participation among everyone rather than hosting more of a Q & A forum which would lend the impression that our guidance is always best for everyone. On the contrary, we have always encouraged personal experimentation and personal responsibility in using our products, which helps to build personal awareness - which is an important element of the Aneros experience.

    Having said that, we will continue to try to help in any way possible.

    Best wishes,