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which aneros do I buy?
  • I had limited luck with the the longer one. I am tall so does that mean I need the longer one or the shorter SGX? With the longer one, I could feel the prostate really being worked if I pulled it out and then simultaneously pulled down on the perinium abutment.

    Does any of this make sense to anyone?

  • big_Obig_O
    Posts: 44

    My personal favorite is the Classic model, but my first orgasms were with the SGX. Now that I'm finally able to orgasm with the Aneros I usually start off with the SGX and then switch to the Classic when I want more intense sensations. I also had an MGX for several months, but I never made much progress with it. I now think that was more a result of not using enough lube and trying to force an orgasm, than with the MGX being \"wrong\" for me. Eventually I threw that one out in frustration, but now I wish I had it back to see what it could do : )