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long time owner-seeking advice
  • troadtroad
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    Sorry this is such a long message-got started and could not stop-please excuse grammar and spelling-I hate to \"beat a dead horse\" as my posting will probably illicit similar responses provided by previous postings but I felt I had to try to explain \"MY\" situation. -Thank You

    I have had both the mgx and sgx for about two years now. I have experimented with both models repeatedly, have read all posts and threads, tried every position and every piece of advice posted yet have not found the key to unlock the magical-mystical super O. So why, you might ask, have I repeatedly tried over and over for such a long period of time?
    Just 2 months after having purchased my sgx classic, and having very limited results, I followed a suggestion by another aneros user. He stated that he has great results by following the instructions given by the company but instead of focusing on the aneros and THINKING about it and the possible results, he prefered to watch a movie be it porn or otherwise, read a book etc...the point was to think of something else or occupy your mind with something other than the aneros. While relaxing after a nice hot shower and getting into bed, I laid on my side with both legs bent at the knee close to my chest (at least to the point that it was comfortable and not a strain) and I read a non-pornographic magazine. After 40 minutes of reading the magazine and subconciously doing the exercises and breathing with the MGX Classic I took notice of wonderful feelings down below but tried not to focus to much on them. Moments later I was awash in, what I can only term as pure bliss! It was something totally new and wonderful and felt like waves of pleasure....It was as though my body was floating, if you will, my mind was swirling and the sensations were just incredible...and really beyond what I can truly describe-it was that incredible. Unfortunatley I did not know what to do, what I did different to get to this unbelievable pleasure, or really what I was experiencing. Just as I thought about it the sensations seemed to subside.
    This ONE experience and only this One experience allowed me to realize that the product could and did work! I do believe that I experienced a super O, albeit short lived. However, I have not been able to get to this point since....frustrating, very frustrating! This seems to sound \"somewhat\" similar to what MR. Mayfield went through before he pieced it all together.
    Now with that all being said back to my problem. I cannot get back to the same state that the one magical experience provided. Beleive me I have done it all in trying to reproduce this. Relaxing and not focusing on the aneros, focusing, changing breathing, positions, abstaining, using different muscle groups etc... What I find odd is that on a number of occasions I have used the aneros while lying in bed and I started to fall asleep. There seems to be a point where I'm not awake but I'm not quite asleep either and all of a sudden I become almost, subconsciously aware of great feelings coming from the aneros. However, as soon as I NOTICE the sensations I kind of snap awake and the feelings subside....totally. Obviously it seems as though I just cannot THINK about the aneros and the sensations because it breaks the \"spell\". Even knowing this I cannot get the desired results again?
    Has anyone gone through anything close to this yet been able to overcome it to achieve the super O even on an occasional basis? What do you think I may be doing wrong? What did I do right the first and only time I think I experienced the Super O? Was it just a fluke? Any input you would like to provide would be considered helpful. Maybe this posting or the responses will be helpful to others and myself.
  • Edit
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    Exactly what happened to me the very first session. I'm past that stage now, but at one point I needed to learn to induce that state you talk about, between sleep and awakeness, where the Aneros starts doing its thing. What I did then, when I noticed it starting to work, was not SNAP AWAKE, or do anything drastic or sudden. I just laid back and continued enjoying the sensations.

    I noticed one thing in particular helped me get to the stage where I can sustain the sensation fully awake and actually focused on it, is, to focus on the sensations caused by the part of the Aneros that is most inside you, the very head.

    I don't have any better way to describe it than that I *listen* to the sensations caused by the Aneros head stroking my prostate, and encourage those sensations to grow and spread. I mean, not actively doing anything, just thinking that that feels really good and wouldn't it be nice if it spread to the small of my back, or my balls, or wherever. Start with something small, like thinking about moving the sensation to one particular area. If you can get that to work, you've got a thread that you can hang onto. Then attempt to move it to two or three areas simultaneously. Use the sensations like butter or a bread spread :) covering or coating different areas of your body. This sounds wild but it worked for me.

    Like I said, right now I'm past that state where I needed to focus. Now I just insert the Aneros and wait a few minutes, perhaps doing other things like answering email or reading an article, until I notice the involuntaries start and the good feeling grow. It's as if my body has learned what to do on its own, and doesn't need (nor *WANT*) me to interfere and guide.

    Hope this helps.
  • Troad
    How often have you used the MGX? I have only been using the MGX for about two months, I have a problem as I find using the device to be very addictive, I started using it once a week, now its every other night.
    When I started I was unable to find my way, boring and very little effect.
    I always start by using plenty of KY, a baby feeding syringe helps and plenty on the MGX. With the MGX in place wait at least 10 mins. Then I very slowly as slow as possible draw the MGX in until a sensation is realised, stop and work on that sensation, at this point I have to try different tactics, then release wait a little time and again play on the sensations etc. I don't find it easy, rewarding when I get it right.
    Regarding the Super O not for me as yet, I am still learning, experimenting and enjoying every moment of geting there. I have found that my body is becoming able accept the MGX and sensations are increasing all the time, I am sure it is only a matter of time and patience attaining the Super o.
    Keep trying and best of luck
  • Just one other point I failed to mention in my last post, one point well worth trying, have a session for about an hour or so, remove the MGX and return to try again a few hours later from the start, I came close to the Super O when I returned after a rest period. I was experienceing amazing effects, just was unable to take the final step. Try anything "experiment"