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Wild pleasure
  • Just bought the Aneros a few weeks ago and used it 5 times since yesterday. I slicked it up with the gel lube and eased it into my anus. I got scarred cuz my ass swallowed it way up there. After I got it in, I layed on my side like all you guys said and nothing happened. After 15 minutes of this I thought this had to be a F*** joke and I got up to head for the bathroom to get this piece of sh**** out of me, but when I jumped up and started heading for the bathroom I was blown away by this intense deep warm feeling centered in my anus, DEEP inside. It was so powerful that my knees buckled and I gently lowered myself to the floor. I was awashed with this weird warm feeling. The same feeling you get when you have intercourse, really intense. As I stood up to get back to my bed, I looked down and there was literally a pool of precum on the floor and my dick was'nt even hard. I laid down on the bed and I felt so horny and turned on that I wanted to pound my dick and blow my load, but I kept on getting these intense contractions in my anus, it was so overpowering that I just wanted to sit there and feel it. After 20 minutes of having these contractions, I felt this incredible build up and my dick turned ROCK HARD and I started sweating like a damn pig ( my sheets are still damp) and I suddenly started shivering ( shaking) so hard you could hear the bed squiking. Then the feeling of this super intense orgasm came over me and I started *******SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS**** for around 5 minutes, like a woman who was being gang rapped by 10 7foot men and my dick started spewing what must of been a quart of cum. I never touched my dick once! After I came I took the Aneros out and just laid there in a daze for a half an hour trying get myself together. After I changed the sheets I went right to sleep. I never slept so deeply in my life.

    It was the wildest thing I ever experienced......
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    Sounds wild! I'm glad you had such a wonderful experience!
  • Hi Mickey
    Can you give us more details as to how you reached this point so quickly.
    Sounds fabulous.
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    You just have to give your ass time to get use the product. I think what triggered it for me was when I got up from the couch and walked to the bathroom. I think that it pressed against my prostate. The best thing to do if your new at this is to try different positions until you feel something.
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    Speaking of wild pleasure....

    I was checking the web for enemagra....has anyone tried these Japanese style massagers...they look wild.

    Are they available in the states?