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Finally, a glimmer
  • I just figured that since I've felt free to ask questions here I should at least report a positive result even it wasn't earth shattering.

    Yesterday afternoon I set aside 90 minutes for a session. Prepped the bedroom, got out the Aneros, lubed up and went to town.

    I started out on my left side and got the usual glimmers of sensation and tried to focus on them and let them expand. Had some success, but the busy mind interrupted and things were running kind of sticky. Never any kind of spontaneous contractions, as I've said before.

    Over the next 30 minutes I mellowed out and the mind quieted. I was getting glimmers of the \"sweet\" feeling, but nothing much was developing, so I rolled onto my back and put a pillow under my hips. I spent a lot of time doing mental work trying to remain focused on the hot spot and expand it out but was exerting a lot of effort. All the while I'm doing gentle contractions or partial contractions while holding the Aneros at whatever spot I seemed to get any kind of sensation.

    I started myself on a thought sequence that \"this should be effortless and fun\" and after about 10 minutes of that I suddenly had the core pleasure sensation that I frequently experience in an area somewhere slightly outside of my dick just spontaneously expand to my whole body. I happened all by itself and required no effort on my part. Then I just simply allowed myself to enjoy it for the next minute until I had a party crashing negative thought that dropped the state away. It was very, very fun, although there were still no contractions or anything else like that going on. The pleasure state spontaneously expanded and stayed expanded until I \"thought\" my way out of it.

    For some reason after that happened I was mentally done with the session. I tried to force it and keep on going, but I was done and gave up 10 minutes later.

    It was a fun experience and gave me some hope. More Aneros tomorrow.