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SUPER "O" What is it?
  • Guys,

    Please feel free to add your ideas and opinions about the Super "O".

    So many people have asked and continue to ask about what the super O is. I'm not sure anybody has it nailed down, except for Mayfield who seems to have it pretty well defined, so I decided that I wanted to try and help the many frustrated men out there.

    As I recently posted, I had what I believe to be Super O's.

    It appears that many of us where under the impression that you had to ejaculate to have an orgasm, or your penis needed to be involved. I don't believe the elusive super O involves the penis at all (very little anyway) (no pun intended).

    I may be wrong (which doesn't matter since I love the feelings I am achieving), but I believe the super "O", that many men in this forum are trying to describe, is the same as that moment just before you cum.

    You know, that intense, powerful, and overwhelming sensation that makes your whole body shake and tingle with anticipation. The one that makes your knees buckle and makes you moan like a little school girl.

    Imagine achieving that feeling and being able to sustain it for a period of time, rather than cresting the top and ejaculating. That extremely intense sensation around your groin, abdomen, and anus continues to surge up and down reaching the highest point but never quite goes over, sending waves of pleasure throughout your entire body.

    I myself can't imagine and "O" (Orgasm) more super than that! But hey, everybody's different.

    Hopefully, this and other comments on this post will help new people understand what it is they are hoping and trying to achieve.

    It took me over a year to find it. The good news is, if there is more, its all gravy, because what I'm experiencing is more than enough for me.

    I hope you all get there!!
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    That's a very good description :)

    Sorry you're not gonna make that video after all. I mean it. We need a video to show what it's like. ANY VOLUNTEERS? PLEASE?

    So in terms of intensity, how would you compare the feelings you call super O with the feeling you get right before you ejaculate? Is the PONR before ejaculation more intense, less intense, or about the same?

    For me, the ejaculation PONR is still way more intense than what I achieve with the Aneros. That's why I think that for me, there's still more to come.
  • I would say they are the same or even more intense. I mean I was grabbing the covers and moaning, even when I was trying not to. They are incredible! If I had had to chose between one or the other (normal orgasm or these) I would definately choose these.

    I had four 2-3 minute orgasms that rocked my world. I mean, I was exhausted! When I did finally cum, it was also pretty intense, but it was over!

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    Heh :) I'm envious now :)

    OK, congratulations, it looks like you scaled the mountain! :)

    A video is DEFINITELY called for. It will be a sight to behold no matter what, whether you have an erection or not, and whether you shoot off or not. It's your civic duty... Oh shaddap FleshJoe :)

  • HookHook
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    I haven't made a movie staring the Aneros, but, if you're interested, there is a video clip in the Yahoo group called WisconsinProstateMilkers (the place where I first heard about the Aneros). Unfortunately, you have to be a member of the group to view the clip.

    FleshJoe, you said you had the bandwidth to host a clip. If you want to send me your e-mail address, I'll download it from Yahoo and send it to you. I'm at [email][/email].

    In one of the recent posts, there were several references made to PONR. I hate to be dense, but, I don't know what that means. Anyone care to interpret?

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    I sent you an email. Reply to fleshjoe at fleshjoe nospam dot toldyanospamdammit com.

    You're not dense. PONR == point of no return, its when your body decides the ejaculation is inevitable and you cant stop it no more. That also coincides in most men with an extreme hardening of the penis and the peak of pleasure.