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Super O for newbies
  • I've been using for over half a year now, I have yet to reach the super O.

    The point of this post is to answer a few questions newbies may have about the elusive super o.

    I believe it does exist. For some it is easy to achive, for others like me it will take time to learn. Most should expect not to achive the super o for some time.

    I want to point out how long I have been using the aneros and that I haven't reached the super O. I am also getting very very close now.

    1. I would recommend buying and trying both sizes of aneros.

    2. Read as much as you can about different ways to reach the super o. Try doing things differently each time. If something feels good, stick with it.

    3. Try to drop any expectations of reaching the super o. Sometimes its even best to forget what technique you are trying to perform and just let yourself go with whatever you are doing.

    4. Time and patience. I can't stress this enough. Yes, I've been frustrated at times, but almost each time I use the aneros I learn something. I get closer to the super o as time goes by....a few days ago I came to the brink.

    5. What others have posted as techniques may not work for you. And like me, because you have never reached the super o we cannot possibly understand what they are talking about. But as you progress you will begin to understand the involuntaries, the contractions in the anus and abdomen, the euphoria, the build up, etc etc

    6. I have found more success with less. LESS IS MORE. Concentrate on the feelings, think positively, enjoy, stick with the basic contract and inhale, release and exhale. Experiment with the length of time you hold, and the contraction strength, how deeply you inhale etc.

    I have found shallow breathing works best, but with half-full lungs. I found that the smaller the contractions, while concentrating on how it feels, the more success you will have.

    7. Make sure your bowels are competely empty. Not eating helps. Cleaning out helps, but sometimes you can never get it all out. While you are using the aneros, some may enter the rectum and I've found this will interfere with the results. I just give up and try another day.

    8. I found that if you don't have any results in 1 hour, you are not in the right state of mind and you should give up and try another day. I've found you will get the best results within a half hour....if you get a response, however small, keep going with it until you can't get back to that point, then give up.

    9. Most of all, I've found time in between sessions helps. More time = more sensitivity, just like sex. For most, The more sex you have, the harder it is to ejaculate. I believe the aneros works the same way. If I wait a week before using the aneros again, i get more sensitivity and better results. I also believe intercourse or masterbation can affect sensitivity. So try no sex or masturbation for a week and stick the aneros in and give it a shot.

    This are just my opinions and beliefs based on what I've read and my experiences with the aneros.